Professor Mikhail Doumas speaking at Parkinsons Fall Prevention event

Patient Public Involvement event with Parkinson's UK


Dr Mihalis Doumas & Dr Matthew Rodger

On August 17th we organised a Patient & Public Involvement event with Parkinson’s UK in order to receive feedback on our research on balance control and fall prevention in Parkinson’s disease. This event gave us the opportunity to present the main ideas of our research to individuals with Parkinson’s and we asked for their feedback. Specifically, the first half of this all-day event included activities and presentations by Isabelle Abbey-Vittal and Anna-Louise Smith from Parkinson’s UK regarding the key principles of the research process and on the purpose and importance of Patient & Public Involvement. Then, in the second part of the event we presented our research on balance in Parkinson’s disease followed by a tour of our laboratories, where participants had the opportunity to see the main tasks we use in this research. Overall, the event was useful for us because we received very useful feedback and for individuals with Parkinson’s disease who were able to, not only learn about new research but also to contribute their ideas and experience with the disorder to us. 

For further information, please contact Dr Mihalis Doumas and Dr Matthew Rodger.

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