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Putting Psychology into the Northern Ireland Science Festival

NI Science Festival

We were really proud to be involved in four events as part of the NI Science Festival this year. 

The headline act was Professor Richard Wiseman on Monday 22 February, who told us about the Psychology of luck and how to create the Luck Factor in our day-to-day lives.

Dr Laura Taylor, a social Psychologist survived an Apocalypse along with colleagues from the rest of the Engineering and Physical Science (EPS) Faculty.  Even zombies made an appearance, but we are pleased to say everyone got out alive!

We made a pop-up appearance at W5 as part of the Better, Stronger, Faster! event.  As scientists, we are continually pushing the boundaries of human achievement (physically and psychological) and Dr Matthew Rodger allowed visitors to tackle virtual rugby players and learn how perception is key.

Our showcase event was Seriously Enjoyable Psychology on Monday 22 February.  Dr Gary McKeown, Dr Kate Woodcock and Dr Matthew Rodger presented a series of talks and interactive activities which covered topics from music, computer games through to laughing mice!

Dr Matthew Rodger said: “Being involved with the Northern Irish Science Festival was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the public, to let them know about the research we do and the impact it can have on people’s lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to discuss my work with a wide range of people, and also to see the interest and enthusiasm generated by the interactive demonstrations. Through the festival events, we were able to engage people with both the science and the fun of Psychology.”

We estimate that over 7000 people engaged with our events this year, so we are really looking forward to collaborating with the NI Science Festival in 2017 to make it even bigger and better!