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Research in Würzburg to explore diabetes and distress

Early Career Research Travel Grant takes PhD student Emma Berry to 21st PSAD (Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes) Scientific Spring Meeting in Würzburg, Germany

Emma Berry visiting Würzburg

Emma Berry is a PhD student within the School and visited Würzburg with the help of an Early Career Research Travel Grant.  Emma’s research aim is to develop an intervention to help individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes and their partners’ better cope with the emotional distress associated with the demands of the condition.  She said:

“I came across the Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD) study group last year. The group is comprised of a large number of local and international researchers and health professionals, who undertake, share and discuss their own research relating to the wider psychosocial implications associated with living with Diabetes. My rationale for joining the PSAD study group was to develop my knowledge and awareness of work similar to my own and to expand my networking opportunities. The group holds annual meetings which enable members to disseminate any recent work they have undertaken.  

The 21st PSAD Scientific Spring Meeting was held on 15-17 April 2016 in Würzburg, and I was awarded with a certificate and €250 to cover my travel expenses.  I had the opportunity to present my study, which examines the influence that diabetes perceptions, relationship quality and coping among adults with Type 2 Diabetes and their partners, has on diabetes-related distress and long term blood glucose.

The trip was fantastic and memorable. I was able to hear about the research pursuits of very successful, like-minded individuals from across the world and in return received some great feedback and advice for my own research.

I hope that this will mark the beginning of many opportunities to come to share my research and build professional relationships with likeminded researchers and health professional worldwide”.