Treasa Kilgallon in Bali

Volunteering in Bali to help those with mental health issues


Treasa Kilgallon

Treasa Kilgallon (Psychology undergraduate) travelled to Bali during the summer to volunteer with SLV on their Mental Health Placement programme.

Volunteers delivered therapeutic activity sessions in psychiatric facilities as well as working in the community teaching English. 

Treasa said about the experience:

“We were very busy during the week, going to projects and planning and preparing for the projects every evening. But once you have done a few sessions, it became very enjoyable and rewarding. It was really nice when a session went very well and the service users really enjoyed it and appreciated the work we did. I really enjoyed teaching English because a lot of the students really wanted to learn. The special needs projects were very challenging but mostly rewarding. I was very sad to leave the homestay and the village, as everyone treated us so well. I really loved the places I went to and the Balinese people were so friendly to us.” 

If you’d like to learn more about volunteering opportunities at Queen’s please contact Lucia Kearney at Volunteer SU.

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