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Over 100 international students come to Queen's each year to study abroad for a semester or an academic year. The Study Abroad programme is particularly popular with students from the USA, Canada, Australia and China.

Choosing Queen’s allows students to study at a world-class university, make new friends and live alongside local young people from Ireland and the UK for a truly immersive experience in another culture.  

The School of Psychology at Queen’s provides excellent training in Psychology and currently offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research degrees. We have world-class facilities including a movement Innovation Lab which contains state-of-the-art technology. This includes 22 Motion Capture cameras for movement analysis, AMTI force platforms for analysis of gait and posture and virtual reality systems for studying decision-making and testing products. Our Child Development Lab includes one-way mirrors, built-in video cameras and playback system, sound recording and EEG testing.

Each study abroad student has a study adviser assigned to them so they can easily adapt to the different academic learning environment. Not only gaining new marketable skills and enhancing career prospects through their experience, study abroad students at Queen’s can also transfer credits back to their home university.

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There are also various summer schools operating within our faculty: