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Entrepreneurial University of the Year, 2009

Awarded by Times Higher Education 

In 2011, Dr Gary McKeown founded Adoreboard along with entrepreneur Chris Johnston, the CEO of Adoreboard.

The company specialises in the analysis of information on the internet that provides evidence of how people relate to brands and companies in an emotional way. This includes sentiment and textual analysis from news sources and social media.

The core technologies behind are then used in applications that enable people to simply incorporate emotional analyses into their current workflows. The goal is to aid understanding and create insights around the emotional relationship brands have with their customers and the feelings customers have about the brands they choose to use or choose not to use. This has created indicators like the Adorescore – a single metric for understanding customer’s emotional responses to products and services­ – and Toneapi – an emotional grammar and thesaurus tool that helps users generate just the right emotional tone in any content before they publish it to the internet or elsewhere. 

Adoreboard has picked up a number of awards including the Irish Technology Leaders Group (ITLG) University Challenge Award, for the best tech start-up with the most global commercial potential.  In 2014, Adoreboard was named as ‘Best Technology Start-up 2014’ by the influential body Silicon Valley Global Leadership Forum (ITLG).  The School has successfully  worked with Adoreboard to offer placements to our undergraduate students, with employment being offered after graduation to the best candidates. To learn more visit: