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Practice-based Learning Information for Supervisors

This webpage contains information for clinical supervisors who provide “practice based learning” for Trainee Clinical Psychologists enrolled on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme at Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB). It has been compiled by the Programme Team and Placement Panel of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych) at QUB.

Clinical supervisors are key to the delivery of the Doctorate programme and provide much needed practice based learning and assessment of competence of learners on the DClinPsych programme.

If you have any queries about practice-based learning or any of the information provided here, please contact Dr Brent Thompson ( tel. 028 9097 4516) or the Programme Secretary Nicola Henderson ( tel. 028 9097 4430)


1. General Information about the DClinPsych programme at QUB

2. Becoming a supervisor and supervisor training

3. Practice-based learning administration

4. Practice-based learning coursework – supervisor roles

5. Professional Guidelines

  • QUB Work Based & Placement Learning
  • HCPC Standards of Education and Training
  • BPS Standards of Education and Training
  • BPS Guidelines on Clinical Supervision
  • DCP Policy on Supervision

6. Personal and Professional Development

7. Assessment of Competence Ratings

8. Useful evaluation measures

  • Trainee measures
  • Supervisor measures

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