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Current vacancies

Chair in Perception Action Psychology

Perception Action Psychology at Queen’s has rapidly expanded over the last ten years to include research into perceptual processes, interceptive action, movement timing, perception-action coupling, postural control, human computer interaction, motor learning, decision-making, skill acquisition and the neural plasticity of the motor system. The aim is to further develop and consolidate expertise in these research areas, but also diversify into other cognate areas where perception action psychology has an important role to play (e.g. human-robot interaction, HCI, human-like computing, rehabilitation, serious gaming).

The Perception Action psychology group has a strong tradition of melding fundamental and applied research. One of the main focuses has been on developing novel and innovative movement enhancement programmes that are underpinned by psychological theory and research that can be applied to health (e.g. cueing in Parkinson’s, stroke rehabilitation, balance re-training in older adults) and/or sport (e.g. decision-making profiling, perceptual training). This research axis now constitutes a key part of the School’s research strategy.


A combination of successful external (ERC, Leverhulme, FP7 and BBSRC) and internal (CRIF) funding has allowed the School to purchase cutting edge technology and develop state of the art research labs that allow us to study perception and action at both the behavioural and neural level. These developments include the Movement Innovation Lab which is housed within Queen’s Sports facilities and is home to a bespoke immersive, interactive virtual reality system, a suite of infrared motion capture cameras and force platforms. Other state of the art equipment in the School includes the fNIRS, SMART Balance Master system, EEG, EMG, nFIRS, eye-tracking and motion tracking systems and equipment used for brain stimulation (TMS, TCDS).

The Candidate

The School of Psychology is seeking to appoint a new energetic and visionary Chair who will consolidate and further research excellence in the area of perception action psychology. The candidate should be able to demonstrate excellence in perception action psychology or a closely related area (e.g. HCI, human-like computing, human-robot interaction, serious gaming). The appointment will substantially increase the presence and profile of the School both nationally and internationally through the candidate’s excellent publication profile, ability to secure significant external funding (e.g. research councils, fellowships, charities, industrial sponsorship), deliver impactful research and develop external networks and collaborations.  The appointee should be able to demonstrate strong academic leadership and be capable of inspiring the School’s research effort and enhancing its reputation for scholarly and professional excellence. 

Upcoming vacancies

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