New Teacher Recruitment

Our PGCE students are held in high regard by schools in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.  We are regularly approached by principals and teaching employment agencies wishing to recruit our PGCE graduates and we post any such recruitment events on to our Shared Student Resources VLE. 

Graduate Employment Statistics

In the most recently published Destination of Leavers of Higher Education (DLHE, 2014-15) 88% of PGCE graduates across all subjects had gained graduate employment within 6 months of graduating.

Employability Videos

We have recorded a number of employability videos in which former PGCE students describe some of the different routes into finding a permanent teaching job.

Sarah shares her experiences of teaching Drama and English post-PGCE

Samantha succeeds in her ICT department at a Northern Ireland school

Ryan's route to a permanent Maths post at Haileybury, England


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