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Role Name Telephone

School Manager

Mrs Patricia Reilly


PA Head of School

June Clawson | Caroline O'Hare +44(0)2890975929

School Management Support

Carmel McCloy +44(0)2890975998 
  Caroline O'Hare +44(0)2890973222

Postgraduate Taught Education Administrator

Margaret Rea +44(0)2890975950
PGR Administrator  Dr Antoinette Keaney-Bell +44(0)2890975989
Research Administrator
Karen McLaughlin +44(0)2890973803 
Undergraduate Education Administrator Patricia Leathley  +44(0)2890973142
Open Learning Administrator Wendy Hunter +44(0)2890975057
Open Learning Office
Martina Carey +44(0)2890973539
  Janice McKee +44(0)2890975032
Teacher Education Office
Margaret Mitchell, PGCE +44(0)2890973514
  Ruth McKittrick, PGCE +44(0)2890975928
  Margaret Kennedy, PGCE +44(0)2890973041
Undergraduate Office Belinda Caldwell, BSW Admissions and Practice Learning +44(0)2890975076
  Flora Delargy, Education Support +44(0)2890971478
  Louise Moss, BSW and Social Policy +44(0)2890975992
  Zoie Watterson, Office Supervisor and Q-Step +44(0)2890973124
Summer School and International Partnerships Sarah Crawford +44(0)2890975168
Postgraduate Taught Programmes Gillian Beavis, Senior Programme Secretary (Education PGT) +44(0)2890975923
  Grace McMurray, Programme Secretary (Education PGT) +44(0)2890975956
  Maria Husin, MASS,  MRes, PGCHET +44(0)2890973082
  Victoria Nesbitt, Youth Justice, CBT Programme +44(0)2890971481
Doctoral and PhD Support Lara Sittlington, PhD Programme Secretary +44(0)2890975961
  Elaine Woodhouse, Prof Doctorate Programme Secretary (research element) +44(0)2890975937
  Karen Wylie, Prof Doctorate Programme Secretary (taught element) +44(0)2890975937
  Stewart McKibbin +44(0)2890973729
Research Support

Eileen Gray


Stewart McKibbin


Market Development

Barbara Lynagh, Marketing and Website +44(0)2890973536


Angela McMenamy, External Relations Assistant +44(0)2890973324
  Jill Harrison, E-learning Co-ordinator +44(0)2890971475
Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation (CESI)

Niki McKnight, Centre Administrator


Paul Murray, Business Development Co-ordinator


Amy Kerr


David Piekaar


Barbara Stewart

Cochrane Group

Mrs Margaret Anderson, Trials Search Co-ordinator


Gemma O'Loughlin, Assistant Managing Editor


Dr Joanne Wilson, Managing Editor


Claire Shannon

NICILT Louisa Gibson, Administrator +44(0)2890975955
  Helen Ferguson, Administrator (maternity cover) +44(0)2890975955
  Michelle Devenny +44(0)2890975954
Receptionist Margaret Mullany (69/71 University Street) +44(0)2890975941
Technician Stephen Whiteside +44(0)2890975932

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