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Dr Carolyn Blair

+44 (0)28 9097 5939

Reviewing the education and training capacity and relevant outputs to inform the design of the Regional Trauma Network in NI.  The central aim of this review is to improve knowledge and understanding of psychological therapy services and other supportive trauma-related services available for individuals and families.

Dr Aoibheann Brennan-Wilson

+44 (0)28 9097 3484

Early childhood development, bilingualism, education and child maltreatment, and how each of these factors impacts academic outcomes and social and emotional wellbeing.

Dr Maria Cockerill


Improving learning in schools, specifically literacy, with a particular focus on pupils from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds. Educational programme design and evaluation, including randomised controlled trials.

Christopher Coughlan

+44 (0)28 9097 6332 Quantitative and qualitative Systematic reviews on homelessness interventions. 

Dr Nicole Craig

+44 (0)28 9097 5017 Early numeracy development, quantitative methods and effectiveness of educational interventions.

Dr Jenny Davison

+44 (0)28 9097 5926 Programme evaluation; child health and wellbeing; and theoretical applications to health-related behaviour change, specifically the Theory of Planned Behaviour.

Dr Paula Devine

+44 (0)28 9097 3034 ARK: social gerontology, men's health, public attitudes, quantitative methods, and the dissemination of social science information.

Dr Montserrat Fargas

+44 (0)28 9097 3195 Care Pathways and Outcomes Study.

Dr Trisha Forbes

+44 (0)28 9097 2906

iAmAware project.

Dr Aideen Gildea

+44 (0)28 9097 5193

Improving health, wellbeing and educational outcomes for young people; social mobility and parenting; supporting families; implementation science and evaluation.

Jayne Hamilton

+44 (0)28 9097 1682 Qualitative evidence synthesis, creative and participatory methods, thinking skills, curriculum development and widening access. 

Dr Jennifer Hanratty

+44 (0)28 9097 2593 Emotion regulation, mental health and wellbeing in children and young people.

Dr Ciara Keenan

  Systematic review and meta-analysis methods.

Dr Grace Kelly

+44 (0)28 9097 3483 Social security, welfare reform, deprivation, social exclusion and the measurement of poverty.

Lucia Klencakova

  Intimate partner violence. Communication theories (the socio-psychological tradition that explores behavioural and cognitive characteristics in a communicative context) including human ego or inner motivations for actions reflected in language, primarily in nonverballinguistics, semiotics and intercultural communication.

Dr Rebecca Loader

+44 (0)28 9097 1363 Education and social cohesion, identities in education, faith schools, intercultural education, and intergroup relations.

Brendan Marsh

  Marie Curie Research Fellow

Claire McCartan

+44 (0)28 9097 5296 Child welfare, poverty and deprivation, and the mental health and wellbeing of children and families.
Dr Tracey McConnell +44 (0)28 9097 2434  Palliative care, end-of-life care, RCTs, music therapy, children and young people with social, emotional and/or behavioural problems.
Dr Martina McKnight +44 (0)28 9097 5970  Children and young people, conflict, gender and research methods.

Dr Aisling McLaughlin

+44 (0)28 9097 5921 Longitudinal cohort studies, Cochrane systematic reviews, feasibility, pilot and randomised controlled trials of interventions and qualitative methods.

Annemarie Millar


Domestic abuse involving children; Policing; Emotional Intelligence. Currently working on an independent impact evaluation of NSPCC 'Speak Out Stay Safe' programme which aims to equip children with the knowledge and understanding to keep them safe from abuse and neglect.

Sharon Millen

+44 (0)28 9097 3169   

Laura Neeson

+44 (0)28 9097 3183 Child wellbeing; Intervention evaluation and process evaluation.

Dr Leeanne O'Hara

+44 (0)28 9097 3392   

Joanne O'Keefe

+44 (0)28 9097 3287 

Children and young people in the area of academic attainment, health and wellbeing.

Dr Nina O'Neill

+44 (0)28 9097 3168 Substance use and risk, interventions, evaluations and trial methodologies.

Dr Karen Orr

+44 (0)28 9097 3809 Education, psychology, community-based participatory research and children’s rights.

Dr Gareth Robinson

+44 (0)28 9097 3164 Internationalisation of Shared Education, particularly in the US and Israel, and the transnational network structures that emerge from such collaboration.

Dr Aimee Smith

+44 (0)28 9097 5066

Childhood, youth and education, including educational attainment, and the creation and reproduction of identities (ethnic, religious and class) by young people and within institutions.

Dr Patrick Stark

+44 (0)28 9097 5924 Educational programme design and evaluation; language and literacy development; neuroscience, psychology and education.

Michelle Templeton

+44 (0)28 9097 5978

Children and young people's rights and participation: ‘Relationships and Future Fatherhood’ programme with young incarcerated men; disabled children’s experience of their digital rights; a consultation with children in the five UN regions to develop a set of indicators for monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 


Colm Walsh

+44 (0)28 9097 3174  Trauma, violence and evidence-based practice. 


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