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Meet our visiting scholars


Name Research Area
Colm Walsh

Colm Walsh is the Intensive Family Support Manager at the Extern organisation and joins us to work on the NSPCC/ESRC funded study on 'Identifying and Responding to the Trauma of Maltreated Children', which is being undertaken in conjuction with Extern from March 2017 to September 2019.

Luz Bersh

Luz Bersh from Columbus State University joins us as Visiting Research Fellow to work with Allen Thurston on a robotics in schools programme.  Funded through Columbus State University, the project involves MIT and Tufts University in work that draws heavily on peer tutoring/cooperative learning pedagogies.

Paul Webb

Visiting Research Fellow Paul Webb (Research Manager, Praxis Care) is leading a project with SSESW colleagues on supported decision making, looking at the experiences of disabled people with mental health and learning difficulties of decision making processes. More details of the project are available at DRILL.

 Iris Elliott

Iris Elliott is a Visiting Research Fellow developing research projects with SSESW colleagues around the mental health of children and young people. She was formerly with Mental Health Foundation and is now at the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. Iris also worked with SSESW colleagues and Praxis Care to develop a project exploring interventions to promote physical activity among people with mental health problems. More details of that project are available at DRILL

Tarna Kannisto 

Tarna Kannisto is a Visiting Research Fellow in our Centre for Children’s Rights (CCR). Tarna researches in the area of children’s rights, specifically on cultural issues such as rights for transgender young people. She is a PhD researcher on the philosophy of education in the University of Helsinki, Finland, where she teaches in Philosophy and in Teacher Training.

Patrick Flack

Patrick Flack is a Visiting Research Fellow collaborating with our Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation colleagues on the work of its Innovation Zones. In his role as Impact & Evaluation Officer at Greater Shankill Partnership, Patrick is involved in evaluating the impact of many of the projects that Greater Shankill Partnership is involved with, including the Greater Shankill Children and Young People Zone.