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Anita Yakkundi

Anita Yakkundi is an ASSISTID fellowship holder as part of the Marie Curie-EU scheme hosted by University College Dublin, with a secondment phase at the Centre for Behaviour Analysis(CBA).  Her research aims to provide academic and pre-vocational skills to individuals with autism and learning disability using evidence-based interventions.  It focuses on developing individualized interventions for reading using assistive technology and behaviour analysis.

Dr Aviva Cohen

Aviva Cohen is working with our Centre for Behaviour Analysis colleagues on a project that aims to use assistive and behaviour technology in the area of Futures Planning for persons with disabilities/autism.

Dr Trish Mackeogh

Trish MacKeogh is working with colleagues in our Centre for Behaviour Analysis on a project that aims to use assistive technology to develop and test the 'Matching People to Technology' tool for children with intellectual disabilities.
 Professor Judith L Pace

Judith L Pace is professor in the teacher education department at the University of San Francisco.  She co-edited Classroom Authority: Theory, Research, and Practice and Educating Democratic Citizens in Troubled Times: Qualitative Studies of Current Efforts.  Her recent book is The Charged Classroom: Predicaments and Possibilities for Democratic Teaching.  Judy is working with Lesley Emerson and researching how teacher educators prepare student teachers to deal with controversial issues in the classroom.  She will be delivering sessions on democratic education to students on the PGCE and Master’s courses.

Professor Michael Freeman

The Centre for Children’s Rights is delighted to announce Michael Freeman as Visiting Professor. Professor Freeman is Emeritus Professor of English Law and Founding Editor of the International Journal of Children’s Rights. He was editor of Current Legal Problems and has published in the areas of Family Law, Child Law and Policy, Children’s Rights, Medicine, Ethics and the Law and Medical Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, and other areas of law and policy. Professor Freeman will be giving a seminar at the Centre on 8 March 2017. See here for more information.

Dr John Frederick

John Frederick is a former Senior Research Fellow at Monash University, Australia.  He joins us to work on a study looking at the homicide of disabled children and on the impact of adversity in childhood across the life course.

Colm Walsh

Colm Walsh is the Intensive Family Support Manager at the Extern organisation and joins us to work on the NSPCC/ESRC funded study on 'Identifying and Responding to the Trauma of Maltreated Children', which is being undertaken in conjuction with Extern from March 2017 to September 2019.

Luz Bersh

Luz Bersh from Columbus State University joins us as Visiting Research Fellow to work with Allen Thurston on a robotics in schools programme.  Funded through Columbus State University, the project involves MIT and Tufts University in work that draws heavily on peer tutoring/cooperative learning pedagogies.