School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Customer Charter

The School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work is committed to maintaining and improving its delivery of the highest standards of customer service.   This customer charter sets out the standards of service you can expect from the School and how you may contact us.

Our Commitments to You

  • We will seek to ensure that all enquiries are handled with courtesy and with the minimum delay possible.

Telephone Enquiries

  • We will answer the phone promptly during the reception opening hours of 8.45am and 5.00pm.
  • Customers will be informed as to the name of the section and person to whom they are being transferred.
  • If we cannot provide a customer with an immediate response, the customers name, organisation, contact number and email address will be taken, and a return call or e-mail will be made as soon as possible.
  • Where voicemail is in operation, we will respond to all messages promptly.  Staff will maintain an updated voice mail message to inform customers if they are out of the office for any more than one working day or provide an alternative contact.
  • If the query cannot be answered by the School, we will endeavour to provide a possible alternative source of information.

Written Correspondence – email/postal

  • We will ensure that a contact name, telephone number and email address will be given with all School correspondence to ensure ease of communications.
  • We will use an out of office email auto response to inform customers if staff are out of the office for any more than one working day.
  • For queries received by email, an initial acknowledgment of receipt will be issued within 3 working days.
  • We will provide a response to a routine customer query within 10 working days.
  • We will endeavour to respond to complex queries or queries requiring further research or consultation within 20 working days.  In the event that a full response cannot be given within this timeframe, we will send an interim reply indicating when a full response can be expected.
  • We will reply in a clear and simple manner, with use of technical terms kept to a minimum.

Callers to Our Offices

  • We will treat all visitors with respect and courtesy.
  • If an appointment has been confirmed in advance, we will keep waiting time to a minimum.
  • If an appointment has to be changed or is delayed unavoidably we will endeavour to communicate the change with you as quickly and directly as possible.
  • We will do our best to accommodate customers who do not have an appointment.

Classes and Coursework

  • Classes will be held on the day and times as advertised.  Only in exceptional circumstances will the day, time or venue of the class be changed.
  • Comments/marks on assignments will be made available on QOL within four weeks of the originally specified submission date.


  • We welcome and encourage customer feedback on our services and the manner in which they are provided.
  • You can make a compliment, comment or complaint about the service you have received by writing to any member of our staff or by using the Feedback Form on our website
  • We will handle complaints about standards of service received or decisions made in a fair, transparent and professional manner.
  • If it is not possible to resolve the complaint with the person you are dealing with, you may address your complaint to the Head of School by writing to the Head of School, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast, 69/71 University Street, Belfast  BT7 1HL.
  • An acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint will normally be issued within 3 working days of receipt. We will issue a written response regarding the outcome of investigation into the complaint within 20 working days or receipt of the complaint.
  • You can view the University’s Student Complaints Procedure on the Academic and Student Affairs webpage.


  • We will incorporate the principle of equal treatment into all aspects of service delivery, with services provided in an impartial and courteous manner.

Help Us to Help You

  • Customers can assist the School to provide a better service by providing the student number/other reference number, a contact name, a phone number and an email address (if one is available) in all correspondence.
  • If you have internet access, please check the School website  as the information you require may be available.
  • Customers calling to the offices in person are advised to arrange an appointment in advance so as to ensure that the appropriate person is available and to notify us in the event of delay or cancellation.
  • Please treat our staff with courtesy and consideration.

Contacting the School:

Customers may contact the School through the following mediums:

By Email

The general email address of the School is Individual staff email addresses are available on the Our People pages.

By Telephone

The main School telephone number is + 44 (0)28 9097 5941

If you know the name of the person you wish to contact, you can telephone directly by replacing the last 4 digits of the phone number with the extension number you require.

By Post

Postal correspondence can be addressed to –

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
Queen’s University Belfast
69/71 University Street

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