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Children's participation in budgeting processes

photograph of four primary school aged girls holding signs with the words 'We' 'Are' 'All' 'Equal' written on them.

The Centre for Children's Rights and Plan International are looking for meaningful and workable examples of child-participatory budgeting processes at national, sub-national, municipal and local levels. We are seeking contacts for some research on these initiatives and would be grateful if those who have good examples email Chelsea Marshall or complete the questionnaire below in the relevant language. 

This research project seeks to identify the existence, perceived effectiveness and enabling factors of child-participatory budgeting initiatives at national, sub-national, municipal and local levels. We will be conducting a scoping study via an online questionnaire for anyone who has experience of child-participatory budgeting initiatives to share learning. The project will also include a small number of in-depth case studies of initiatives that worked particularly well or provide a particularly useful model for replication and adaptation elsewhere.

The study will include initiatives in which children and young people were involved in any stage of the budgeting process (e.g. allocation, expenditure, monitoring and review) at any level of governance (e.g. national/regional youth parliaments, local councils and public institutions, such as schools, etc). While the focus will be on initiatives related to public spending, the study may include strong examples of child participation in non-state budgetary processes.

While there is growing attention to the importance of involving children and young people in budgetary decision-making, little research has explored how this is done effectively and what enabling factors support this work. This study aligns with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child's development of a General Comment on Public Spending and will support its implementation by highlighting lessons from initiatives around the world.

Online Questionnaires

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