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Doctoral Student Success

We are delighted to report that School of SSESW doctoral student Amanda Shields was chosen as the Faculty of AHSS winner at the Queen’s University Annual Researcher Poster Competition last week.

Having won the School round of the poster competition in May, Amanda was invited to participate in Research Culture Week 2019, where postgraduate research students presented their work in poster format and these were displayed in the Graduate School. Students outlined their work and their posters to a panel of judges who assessed them on flow, design and how easy they were for a non-specialist audience to understand. The judges were impressed by how user friendly Amanda’s poster was and noted the potential impact of her research on policy and practice in Northern Ireland.

Amanda commented on her success: ‘It was such a good opportunity to connect with other students and academics, learning more about the invaluable research that is going on across the University. Participating in this competition also helped me to reconnect with my own research and develop essential presentation skills which I can take forward in my research journey when I present at upcoming academic conferences. Often this PhD process can get lonely and I was at a stage where I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work I had to do. This event has given me my motivation back and I feel inspired by the work of others and excited about where my own research might take me.’