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Drug-related harms and homelessness

purple Lanyon

In her role as co-chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), School of SSESW academic Anne Campbell has co-authored a report with Dr Emily Finch (Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist) for the UK Government on drug-related harms and homelessness. The report was published by the Home Office this month and is the first report on drugs and homelessness by the ACMD.

In 2017, the Government sought advice from the Council on the factors that make homeless people susceptible to drug-related use harms and how can these harms could be reduced. The resulting report highlights complex circumstances and a lack of social connectedness for homeless people, bringing increased risk of problematic drug use and a higher rate of drug-related deaths compared with the general population. The full report and its recommendations are available at