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Fulbright Teaching fellow to join Centre for Shared Education

Keith Thompson, a US/UK Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching fellow from New York, will be working at the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work (SSESW) from January to June this year. Keith, who has been teaching U.S. History and Government and university-level Psychology for 18 years, was one of 38 teachers selected to participate in the programme.  He will collaborate with SSESW academic Tony Gallagher in our Centre for Shared Education. As part of his research grant, he will work with local schools, officials and community organizations to explore the ways that schools can help students understand and navigate their political identities and how organizations can help foster understanding between and within diverse communities. 

Keith commented: ‘I am really fortunate to be able to work with the Centre for Shared Education at Queen’s University Belfast. It’s an amazing opportunity for me to learn first-hand how educators can help build communities and have the difficult conversations so necessary in our democracy today.’

Upon returning to his post in Ithaca High School in New York, Keith will complete a project summarizing some of the lessons from his time in Belfast and will develop academic curriculum and share insights with the school and the wider community.