Mind Your Health research dissemination

photograph taken from above looking down on two boys in different school uniforms

This month, Dominic McSherry is giving two conference keynote addresses, both of which focus on the issues faced by care experienced children and young people in school, as identified in the Mind Your Health Study.  The conferences are:

Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP) Annual Conference 2016 – ‘Social Responsibility in Hard Times’, 17-18 November, Hilton Hotel, Belfast.  Keynote address by Dr Dominic McSherry – ‘Examining the mental health of children in care: What are the implications for schools?’

Nurture Group Network Annual Norther Ireland Conference 2016 – ‘Where now for Northern Ireland Nurture?’, 29 November, Dunadry Hotel, Antrim.  Keynote address by Dr Dominic McSherry – ‘Understanding the behavioural and emotional health of children and young people in care in Northern Ireland: What are the implications for schools?’.

Key Findings from the Mind Your Health Study include:

  • 40% of children and young people in care in Northern Ireland had behavioural problems, 35% had emotional problems, and 21% suffered from depression or anxiety, yet only 19% had Statements of Educational Need (SEN).
  • Many carers reflected bad experiences in relation to the education sector, with professionals not displaying a sufficiently supportive role towards children with mental health difficulties.
  • Some carers reported having to battle to get the children the supports they needed in school, and having to wait for long periods of time for children to get statemented.

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