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New Term of Open Learning Short Courses Launched

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Analysing “Radical Islam” and Interpreting Donald Trump - Open Learning Short Courses at Queen’s University

We have launched our Open Learning Programme of short courses for the Autumn and New Year 2017/2018 terms.

The programme offers a range of informal but informative courses that are open to the general population and, as usual, it is brimming with topical and diverse subjects to study.

Among the courses on offer this autumn is “Radical Islam” in Europe which aims to provide participants with a background to the issue of ‘radicalisation’ and analyse how and why certain young people may become attracted to the extremist outlooks being espoused. The course will provide an up-to-date analysis of current literature on the topic and assess how the issue might be addressed in the months and years ahead.

The recent solar eclipse enjoyed across the United States has once again demonstrated our fascination with what goes on beyond our planet. Colin Johnston’s course Our Place in the Universe offers students the opportunity to gain a greater insight into our current knowledge of the Universe and a better understanding of the night-time sky as the dark evenings draw in.

2017 has arguably been dominated by Donald Trump and, as his first year in the US presidency draws to a close, students will be given a chance to assess his short term impact. Stephen Herron’s New Year course, The Trump Effect: Is the West Really Moving to the Right, will explore and debate issues surrounding current political trends and analyse what Trump’s election tells us about the state of western democracy.

Speaking about the new programme on offer, Dr Cathal McManus, Co-director of Open Learning, is keen to emphasise the broad variety of the courses being offered: “One of the things we are always very proud about is the huge range of different courses and topics that we offer; from Languages to Wine-Tasting, Creative Writing to World Literature, History to Music, we make a huge effort to cater for all tastes and interests.”

It isn’t just the variety of courses that is important however, as Dr McManus is keen to stress: “A further important aspect of the programme, of course, is that everyone is welcome, irrespective of educational background. The courses offer participants to develop their interest in the different subject areas and they are delivered in an informal and relaxed manner to ensure that students get the most out of them. You also have the added bonus of the University’s beautiful settings and the great atmosphere that surrounds the Queen’s Quarter.”

Details of the new programme, including how to enrol, can be found on our Open Learning page and classes start during the week beginning Monday 25th September 2017.