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Professor Joins Prestigious National Panel to Review Educational Research

Professor Paul Connolly, Director of the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation, has joined the joint Royal Society-British Academy Working Group on educational research.

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The prestigious Working Group includes leading academics and stakeholders in the field of education and is concerned with reviewing the capacity for and impact of educational research in the UK.

The establishment of the Working Group reflects the significance given to educational research by the Royal Society and British Academy. As they indicate in a joint statement launching the programme: “High quality research has the potential to transform education in the UK, and beyond. But how do we create optimal conditions for this to happen? How do we ensure that research informs and is informed by policy and practice? This project, led jointly by the British Academy and Royal Society, will investigate the opportunities and challenges for teachers, researchers and policy-makers as the key actors at a time when the demand for educational research is growing whilst the research capacity appears to be shrinking.”

Through the launch of the Working Group, a call has been announced for submissions from anyone who works with educational research, who manages or who is a user of educational research. The deadline for submissions is Friday 28 October 2016.

Speaking of his appointment, Professor Connolly  said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been asked to join this prestigious and influential Working Group. Educational research has a hugely significant role to play in informing policy and practice and yet it is currently under great strain nationally. I hope that this Working Group will be able to engage widely with the education research community and key stakeholders with a view to better understanding the challenges and identifying ways forward."

“The Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation, is at the forefront of using robust research evidence effectively to inform policy and practice in education as well as in health and social care. As Director, I look forward to contributing our expertise to the work of this Group.”

Further details on the Working Group and the Call for Views can be found on either websites for the British Academy or Royal Society.