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SSESW academic appointed co-chair of Recovery Committee

SSESW colleague Anne Campbell has been appointed co–chair of the Recovery Committee for the UK Government Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). The Council was formed in 2011 to advise the government on how people can be supported to recover from dependence on drugs and alcohol and how best to prevent drug and alcohol misuse and the harms it causes. Anne is a member of both ACMD and its Rescheduling of Medicinal Cannabis Committee.

Anne’s new Recovery Committee role recognises her expertise in aspects of drug and alcohol recovery. She won the highly prestigious Lifetime Drug and Alcohol Fellowship Application to NIDA (USA) in 2017. She is programme director of our Master’s in Applied Social Studies Programme and the Postgraduate Certificate in Dual Diagnosis.  Her research interests include new psychoactive substances, alcohol and mental health, interventions for young people with dual diagnosis and substance use and arts-based interventions. Anne is also a Member of the Stormont Treatment and Advisory Committee for Drugs and Alcohol, and Developer and Current Chair of the Dual Diagnosis Expert Research and Education Group for Northern Ireland. Read more about Anne's teaching and research at