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Shared Education update

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Gavin Duffy and Tony Gallagher have received a grant from the US Embassy in London to support a teacher exchange involving shared education schools in Northern Ireland and schools in Los Angeles. The NI teachers will visit the LA schools for a week and then host a visit from the LA teachers in their schools. All of the schools are involved in collaborative networks and will share practice and experience from their different jurisdictions.

Tony Gallagher, Gavin Duffy and Gareth Robinson hosted a visit on October 24-26 to Northern Ireland by Maureen Kindel and Vicki Graf (Loyola Marymount University (LMU)) and Judge David Cunningham, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge and former President of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners. Judge Cunningham gave a talk to the Law School on data security. Maureen Kindel and Vicki Graf work with collaborative school networks in Los Angeles and visited the official opening of Arvalee Special School, the first school on the Strule Shared Education Campus in Omagh. The Sharing Education Programme team in Queen’s has worked closely with LMU on the issue of school collaboration: together they are exploring options for further research projects.