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Visiting Research Professor Kaori Tsukazaki

Professor Kaori Tsukazaki, Vice President of the National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College, Japan joins us in the School of SSESW as a Visiting Research Professor. Kaori, a graduate of Nagasaki University and Kyushu University, is the first female professor in the 56-year history of Kagoshima College. Her academic research focuses on the empowerment of female students in STEM and the cultural contexts of English Language Teaching. Her project on empowering women in STEM "Robogals Kagoshima" was included in the White Paper on Gender Equality by the Japanese government in June 2019.

Professor Tsukazaki was a Fulbright Scholar and has recently received a prestigious award for her contributions to education from KOSEN National Institute of Technology in Tokyo. Her visit with us will enable international research collaboration with School of SSESW academic Aisling O’Boyle and other colleagues at Queen’s University Belfast in the fields of Education and Social Sciences.