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World Social Work Day 2019

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Social work academics in the School of SSESW work closely with social work practitioners, service users, service providers and policy makers to develop and conduct research that will have a direct, positive impact on those who are using social work services and on wider society. As World Social Work Day 2019 (19 March) celebrates the difference that social workers make around the world, our colleagues are sharing their expertise on a national and international level.

Gavin Davidson (Praxis Chair of Social Care) is speaking at a national event in London, hosted by the British Association of Social Workers to promote the importance of human relationships and explore their significance in all aspects of social work practice. Gavin is presenting on the subject of ‘Relationships in the context of mental health and mental capacity law: perspectives from Northern Ireland’.

Karen Winter is delivering lectures, workshops and training events on her own work, and on social work more broadly, for academics in Thu Dau Mot University, Vietnam. The country classified social work as a profession in 2010 and sought out Queen’s University as a high quality social work education provider to help establish university level education and training in Vietnam as part of its continuing professionalization of social work. The themes in Karen’s contribution to course development in Thu Dau Mot include: working with children in general settings, protection centres and special schools; personal and group work; training and experience in practical application; gender violence, domestic violence and school violence.