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Director of Internationalisation

International Research

We are fundamentally committed to ensuring that our research has global reach and impact and work to extend further our many international connections and collaborations.

Through our engagement with students and stakeholders, and our networking with practitioners and policy makers at national and international levels, we continue to share with the global academic community the expertise of Northern Ireland colleagues and our own academics, many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields. These links support our commitment to making a social difference regionally while also making a full contribution to developments nationally and globally.
You can find more information about our international research links on our Research page.

Our Research activities

Discover how our research has a global imapct on the Research Portal

Research Portal
Google map of North America, Europe and Middle East with pointers showing the School's international research activities.

Internationalising Social Work Education


Internationalising Social Work Education

Actively developing links with the universities from different countries, including Europe, India, China and the USA

The School is actively promoting the internationalisation of social work education and research. This includes: developing the curriculum to reflect international perspectives and research; international exchange opportunities for our students; and international research and education partnerships.

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social work programmes across the world

Over the years we have developed positive relationships with other social work programmes across the world.

Some of our current activities involve: integrating international speakers into our modules; trips to visit social work services in Germany and to engage with addiction and mental health services in Portland, Oregon; and a range of international research projects.

Study Abroad and Partnerships

We have over 45 international students from those here for a single semester as a Study Abroad student to full research degrees. 

We welcome international students who want to study abroad for single semesters or for full degrees.

We have partnerships with Ningbo Institute of Technology, Shenzhen University and Jilin University, China.


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