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Claire (Ting) Zhao. China

Claire (Ting) Zhao was awarded the Queen's Scholarship when she was study in Chongquing University in Chongquing.

PHOTO: Claire (Ting) Zhao
I think I am one of the luckiest students, my supervisor picked me up from the airport! Imagine you are an international student who has flown for over 20 hours and the first person you meet is your supervisor who carries your 45 kg luggage to your dorm. I think that's the best experience ever. Claire (Ting) Zhao
PhD Child Welfare, China

Claire's video

Muhammad Ahmad, Pakistan

Muhammad Ahmad, from Pakistan, studied Autism Spectrum Disordres full-time and graduated in December 2015

PHOTO: Muhammad Ahmad, Pakistan
"Every year the prevalence of autism is rising and the world needs well qualified professionals in Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have improved my teaching skills and I want to share my knowledge with my colleagues in Pakistan" Muhammad Ahmad, Pakistan
MSc Autism Spectrum Disorders

Muhammad's video

Alexa Zheng China

Alexa, from China, studied Educational Studies full-time and graduated in December 2015

PHOTO: Alexa Zheng, China
"I took an online module where the students were all from different countries around the world. The weekly discussion forums and one-day workshop really helped me to develop an international perspective and understanding of people's thought from different nations and background." Alexa Zheng, China
MEd Educational Studies

Alexa's video

Dr Cyprian Misinde, Lwala Pubona in Eastern Ugand

Dr Cyprian Misinde graduated from the School with a Doctorate in Childhood Studies (DChild) in December 2015.  Cyprian enrolled on the DChild programme in 2011 and his dreams of pursuing a PhD came true after receiving the Commonwealth Scholarship and support from Queen's.

PHOTO: Dr Cyprian Misinde, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
"Queen's helped me settle in so many ways. First the welcome programme, it helped me know different places in the University, there were students with T-shirts labelled 'Just ask', they really make life easy for new students. The human resources available to provide support is enormous" Dr Cyprian Misinde, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
Doctorate in Childhood Studies (DChild)

Cyprian's video