China Medical University academics on our PGCHET course


Dr Joe Allen

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

PGCHET students from China with Dr Joe Allen, Programme Director

In April, SSESW academic Joe Allen (front row, centre) spent two weeks in Shenyang, Northern China.  During his visit he held a number of tutorials and seminars for the 16 China Queen's College Lecturers who are completing our Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching (PGCHET).  The main purpose of the visit was to facilitate the disciplinary teaching components of the PGCHET by carrying out a series of teaching observations.  In addition, Joe received a very warm welcome from his hosts, including a trip to the Great Wall of China near the City of Dangdon and a visit to the Shuidong National Park Cave Complex near Benxi in North Eastern China.

The 16 Lecturers are employed primarily by China Medical University (CMU) which operates China Queen's College in partnership with Queen's University Belfast.  Chinese Universities are encouraging their lecturers to adopt a teaching style that involves greater interaction and participation between the students and the lecturer and CMU identified our PGCHET as the most suitable programme to support this transition.

The approach to teaching on our PGCHET uses a much more participative style of lecturing.  As a result, the lecturer’s role is more that of a facilitator in aiding the students to develop a deeper understanding of their subject area and, thereby, develop further their own ‘Complex Thinking Skills’.

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