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Dr Percy is a criminologist engaged in the study of adolescent development, in particular, the emergence of risk taking behaviours (in particular, alcohol, drug use and crime, which all peak in the teenage years).

His research has three core themes: a) examining the origins and outcomes of adolescent risk taking, b) testing interventions to prevent and reduction the immediate and long term harms associated with risk taking behaviours, and c) applying innovative quantitative methods and statistics to the study of adolescent development.

The objective of the research activity is to promote positive healthy adolescent development.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of 

  • Adolescent development
  • Risk taking behaviours
  • Alcohol, drug use and crime
  • Adolescent trauma and mental health problems
  • Prevention and harm reduction interventions
  • Randomised and quasi-experimental trials
  • Advanced quantitative methods and longitudinal research
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Research students

PhD title: The Impact of State Intervention on the Work of Community-Based Restorative Justice Projects in Northern Ireland

Name: Lauren Hogg
Years of Study: 
Country: Northern Ireland

PhD title: A Cognitive Behavioural perspective of emotional distress after a relationship breakup 

Name: Sylvia Buet Gonzalez,
Years of Study: 
Country: Spain


PhD title: An exploration of Prison Officer Types in the Irish Prison Service

Name: Sinéad Meade
Years of Study: 
Country: Ireland

Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Claire Cole

PhD title: A Family system perspective of teenage cannabis use

Years of Study: 2014 - 2017
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Research Analyst - Ireland, Lambert Smith Hampton

Dr Jaclyn Harron

PhD title: Delinquent behaviour between the ages of 11-16 years: A secondary analysis of the Belfast Youth Development Study

Years of Study: 2009 - 2012
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Data Analyst – Allstate Northern Ireland

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