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Dr Ganiel’s research focuses on the role of religion in conflict in Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe; Catholicism in Ireland, evangelicalism, and the emerging church.

This research has included two books about evangelicalism in Northern Ireland, and an award-winning book about the emerging church. She is currently researching how Presbyterians responded to the Troubles, and writing a biography of Fr Gerry Reynolds, a peacemaking priest from Clonard Monastery.

The objective of the research activity is to understand the socio-political roles of religion.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of 

  • Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
  • Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Emerging Church Movement
  • Catholicism on the island of Ireland
  • Evangelicalism
  • Secularisation and Religious ‘Nones’
  • Dealing with the past in Northern Ireland
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Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

School Of Social Sciences, Education And Social Work

The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Research students

PhD title: Exploring Intra-Evangelical Conflict on Islam in the Urban Southern United States

Name: Ashlee Quosigk
Years of Study: 
Country: USA



Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Vladimir Kmec

PhD title: The Impact of Immigration on Religious Identities in the Republic of Ireland and Germany

Years of Study: 
Country: Slovakia
Current position: Ministry in the Lutheran United Reformed Church in Berlin; and Peterhouse doctoral researcher in Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

"With her in-depth expertise and extensive experience in the areas of the sociology of religion and identity politics, Gladys provided me with the most valuable guidance, continued encouragement and advice during my doctoral studies in a manner that made my research enjoyable, inspiring and passionate. She is not only enthusiastic about her subject; she also cares about her students and is deeply understandable when one copes with difficult life situations."

Dr Sarah Jankowitz

PhD title: Victimhood and Perceptions of Past Conflict in Northern Ireland: Challenging the Victim-Perpetrator Paradigm

Years of Study: 
Country: USA
Current position: Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Liverpool

"Gladys’ patient, nurturing presence mixed with her innate grasp of the contours of rigorous social research in conflict gave me the confidence I needed to explore what was difficult, often emotionally and politically charged, subject matter. She was responsive to my evolving needs, and went above and beyond to guide me through the final stretch."

Name: Dr Joram Tarusarira

PhD title: Religio-Political Non-Conformism, Democratization and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe

Years of Study: 
Country: Zimbabwe
Current position: Assistant Professor and Director of the Centre for Religion, Conflict and Globalization at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands

"Dr Ganiel’s supervision was characterized by timely feedback and constructive criticism based on a proper reading of my drafts and a broad and deep knowledge of the subject area. She was always available for consultation, communicated clearly, and was patient with me if I needed time to digest feedback or do more reading as advised."

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