Dr Sarah Miller

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
Dr Sarah Miller

Dr Sarah Miller

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Dr Miller’s research revolves around three inter-related themes: Social emotional development, academic attainment and programme evaluation. Within this Dr Miller has a particular interest in the development of prosocial behaviour in pre-school and primary school children as well as literacy and numeracy progression more generally. 

She has designed, conducted and published a number of large-scale studies, which have included: simple and cluster randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, quasi-experimental evaluations and cross-sectional surveys. This research has included looking at effective ways to improve children’s language development by focussing on the relationship between school-based activities and the home learning environment. 

In addition, Dr Miller and colleagues are investigating the impact of early child development programmes on social cohesion and peacebuilding outcomes in six lower- and middle-income countries: Vietnam, Timor-Leste, Egypt, Mali, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This is an exciting and innovative project that brings together colleagues and researchers from different organisations countries, academic institutions and NGOs. 

The objective of the research activity is to provide evidence of what works to improve outcomes and life chances for young children, wherever they live in the world.

Research Interests

Open to PhD applications in the field of

  • Child development
  • Social emotional learning
  • Using experimental methodology, systematic review and meta-analysis to generate and better understand evidence of what works

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Research students

PhD Title The Effect of Schools on Young People’s Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence
Name Stephanie Maguire
Country Northern Ireland
PhD Title  Breaking the disparity of educational attainment amongst young people; the role of demographic and social factors on educational attainment
Name Erin Early
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study  2016 - present
PhD Title  A design and implementation study of a music education programme for Year One pupils in two disadvantaged communities
Name Conneth Poland
Country Northern Ireland
EdD Title Assessment in Higher Education – A Case Study
Name Aisling Keane (part-time)
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study 2016-2019
EdD Title Student Attitudes to Formative Feedback in Summative Assessment in Higher Education
Name Claire McCann (part-time)
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study 2010-2018
EdD Title Evaluating widening access in Higher Education
Name Tim Crawford (part-time)
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study 2014-2020


Alumni: Where are they now

PhD Title The development and evaluation of a volunteer mentoring program to improve numerical outcomes for primary school children
Name Dr Nicole Craig
Country  Northern Ireland
Current Position Research Fellow, Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation, QUB
  "Sarah was an extremely supportive supervisor at every stage of the PhD process, encouraging me and providing valuable guidance at all times. She also inspired me with her own research, her knowledge of the field and her integrity as a researcher. I feel very lucky to have been supervised by her and am very grateful for all I’ve learned."



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