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Dr Sirin Sung

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
Dr Sirin Sung

Dr Sirin Sung

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Dr Sirin Sung has a long-standing research interest in gender inequality within and between countries. Her work examines this issue from a comparative/international perspective, with a focus on the relationship between gender and social policy, and the tension between traditional conceptions of gender in relation to paid and unpaid work. 

This research has included recent work around the implications of welfare policy on gender equality, with particular attention to how policy is developed, implemented and experienced, both in the UK and South Korea, and more recently in East Asia and the US. 

The objective of the research activity is to improve gender equality within the family and the wider society by examining policy development and implications.

Research Interests

Open to PhD applications in the field of

  • Gender and Social Policy: comparative perspectives
    Gender, Work and Family
    Qualitative research relating to the issue of gender

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Public outreach & key achievements

  • Leverhulme Study Abroad Fellowship in 2010/ Gender and the welfare state in the UK and US: 
    Work-family balance issues’ at Northeastern University in Boston, USA (Principal Investigator)
  • ESRC International Research Seminar Series in 2014 (Ref: ES/L000792/1) 
    ‘Child Maintenance: International Perspectives and Policy Challenges’
    (Co-Investigator/Principal Investigator: Dr Christine Skinner)
  • Her work has led to new ways of working with people in this field and how they collect and disseminate data
  • for use in building policies and legislation.

Research students

PhD Title Gender and Career Progression in the IT sector in India
Name Aishwarya Patil
Country India
PhD Title  Poverty and lone mother families in Northern Ireland
Name Bronagh Boyle
Country Northern Ireland
PhD Title  Gauging the impact of Welfare Reforms and the introduction of Universal Credit on low-income families in Northern Ireland
Name Rosanna McSorley
Country Northern Ireland


Alumni: Where are they now

PhD Title Income inequality and Well-being in Northern Ireland
Name Lisa Wilson
Year of Study Completed in 2016
Country  Northern Ireland 
Current Position Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI)
PhD Title The local effects of new immigration on Northern Ireland: Exploring experiences of social cohesion and integration
Name  Arlene Robertson
Year of Study Completed in 2015
Country Northern Ireland
Current Position Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI)



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