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Dr Sultan Turkan

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
Sultan Turkan

Dr Sultan Turkan

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Guided by the view of language as a resource for effectively teaching multilingual/bilingual students, I research ways to improve participation and engagement of these learners in the formal and informal processes of schooling. As the lead author of influential papers, I have argued that teachers need specialized knowledge base in order to attend to the translanguaging practices of the multilingual learners. Current research project examines the development of formative simulated classroom environments for educating science teachers to teach immigrant children.

Research Interests

Open to PhD applications in:

  • Bilingual/multilingual education
  • Culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and teacher education
  • Teaching science and mathematics to bilingual/multilingual students
  • Differential performance of immigrant children on large scale assessments
  • Bilingual language policies in nation states
  • Literacy development of language minoritized and disadvantaged youth

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Public outreach & key achievements

I received Abedi-Thurlow Award as part of SIG 96: Inclusion and Accommodation in Educational Assessment (IAEA) in the American Educational Research Association (AERA) for the following paper publication: Turkan, S., Lopez, A. A., Lawless, R. R., Tolentino, F. (2019). Using Pictorial Glossaries as an Accommodation for English Learners: An Exploratory Study, Educational Assessment, 24(3), 235-265.

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