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Professor Jannette Elwood

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Professor Jannette Elwood

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

My main research interests are in the social constructions and consequences of tests, examinations and assessment practices. I am particularly interested in socio-cultural approaches to understanding the impact of assessment on students' lives; gender and its interaction with assessment techniques and practices and theoretical and methodological issues in educational assessment research and practice. Recent projects include: young people’s participation in qualification reform in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; and understanding examination predictability in the Irish leaving certificate.

Research Interests

Open to PhD applications in the field of

  • Educational assessment
  • Gender and achievement
  • Inequalities in educational achievement
  • Assessment policy reform and implementation
  • Single-sex and mixed-sex schooling
  • Gender and education

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Public outreach & key achievements

Research students

PhD Title Assessment and Children’s Rights: Using a Children’s Rights Based Approach to (re)consider the impact of the current arrangements for pupil transfer to post-primary school
Name Leanne Henderson
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study  2014-2018 
PhD Title  Rural and Urban differences in young people's educational achievements
Name Gemma Cherry
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study  2016-2019 
PhD Title  Impact and Washback of IELTS test on Chinese students in English Immersion College
Name Hui Ma
Country China
Year of Study 2016-2020
EdD Title Assessment in Higher Education – A Case Study
Name Aisling Keane (part-time)
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study 2016-2019
EdD Title Student Attitudes to Formative Feedback in Summative Assessment in Higher Education
Name Claire McCann (part-time)
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study 2010-2018
EdD Title Evaluating widening access in Higher Education
Name Tim Crawford (part-time)
Country Northern Ireland
Year of Study 2014-2020


Alumni: Where are they now

PhD Title Young People’s Views and Experiences of GCSE Reform in Northern Ireland and Wales
Name Rhian Barrance
Year of Study 2013-2017
Country  Wales
Current Position Research Fellow, University of Cardiff
PhD Title Teachers' knowledge of, and roles in, formative assessment in mathematics classrooms
Name  Whitney Wall
Year of Study 2009-2012
Country USA
Current Position Researcher, Virginia Tech University
PhD Title Girls, bullying and new technologies: their experiences and perspectives
Name  Donna Kernaghan
Year of Study 2008-2011
Country Northern Ireland
Current Position Policy Officer, Barnardos UK



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