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Professor John Nagle

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Professor John Nagle

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

My current research focusses on the role of social movement activism in divided societies, particularly in Lebanon, Syria and Northern Ireland. In this, I examine how a range of non-sectarian social movements – including LGBTQ, feminist and class based groups - mobilize for inclusion or challenge power sharing structures in divided societies.

A related research theme includes the consequences of civil war and peace processes on LGBTQ populations, such Colombia, Northern Ireland, Syria and Lebanon. In addition, my research continues to provide a sociological analysis of consociational power sharing. I am also interested in the role of memory in generating political violence and peace.

Research Interests

Open to PhD applications in:

  • Social movements
  • Conflict and peacebuilding
  • Nationalism; populism
  • LGBTQ activism
  • Memory
  • Political violence
  • Multiculturalism
  • Sectarianism

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Public outreach & key achievements

I have sat on the Carnegie Trust Grants Panel and have been an Inner International Board Member for the Irish Research Council.

Interviewed on BBC national news, Sky News Live, France 24, BBC Radio Scotland, LBC (Andrew Castle Show), Metro Radio. Consultant for BBC’s One Show on feature about Irish migrants in London, and for Channel 4 documentary called The Real Patron Saints. Research featured in the Washington Post, Reuters, Thompson Reuters Foundation, Irish Independent, Chronicle of Higher Education, Belfast Telegraph and the Belfast Newsletter.

I have written op-ed pieces published in the Conversation, the Independent, Huffington Post, and Slate Magazine

Research students

Name: Nick Adams
PhD title: Masculinity among Oil Workers in the North Sea
Years of Study: 2016-2019
Country: Scotland

Alumni: Where are they now

Name: Jan Melia
PhD title: Post Conflict Police Reform, Masculinity & Gender Based Violence in Northern Ireland & Bosnia Herzegovina
Years of Study: 2013-2017
Country: Northern Ireland
Current position: Chief Executive of Women's Aid Federation Northern Ireland

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