Professor Laura Lundy

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work
Professor Laura Lundy

Professor Laura Lundy

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Professor Lundy's research has focused on children’s right to participate in decision-making and education rights. Her 2007 paper, “’Voice’ is not enough” is one of the most highly cited academic papers on children’s rights and the model of children’s participation it proposes (based on four key concepts - Space, Voice, Audience and Influence) is used extensively in scholarship and practice.

This research has included a study of children’s views on public spending (involving 1693 children in 70 countries) which was commissioned to inform the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s 2016 General Comment on the issue and a study of children’s exercise of their civil and political rights (1606 children in 60 countries) which has been used by Save the Children and others to support UN efforts to recognise the role of children as human rights defenders. 

Current projects include: a study of disabled children’s experience of their digital rights for the Council of Europe; a consultation with children in the five UN regions in a project to develop a set of indicators for monitoring the implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child led by GlobalChild; and ‘Participation for Protection’ – a European Commission project developing training for professionals focused on what really matters to children who have experienced violence.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of

  • Children’s Rights and Education
  • Children’s Participation in decision-making
  • Implementation of the UNCRC

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Research students

PhD Title Slience and Voice in schools
Name Amy Brown
Country Northern Ireland
PhD Title  Corporal punishment in Nigerian Secondary Schools
Name Lovina Emeleju
Country Nigeria
PhD Title  Children’s rights-based research on a global scale
Name Antje Ruhmann
Country Germany


Alumni: Where are they now

PhD Title Children’s Rights in School: The perception of children in Nicaragua
Name Harry Shier
Country  Ireland
Years of Study 2008 - 2011
Current Position Field officer with Irish NGO Misean Cara



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