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Education for Transformation 2019

Education for Transformation is designed to inspire students to view learning as a catalyst for transformation, and is suited to students who are interested in how education can be used as a tool for change.

Applications are now open for the Education for Transformation 2019 Summer School and you can have the opportunity to spend four weeks with is in Northern Ireland for a unique academic and cultural experience.

The Education for Transformation programme includes:

  • A unique immersive academic and cultural experience, with the opportunity to pursue your academic interests
  • Guaranteed accomodation for 27 nights with arrival on Sunday 23 June 2019 and departure on Saturday 30 July 2019
  • Optional credit-bearing programme at Year 2 undergraduate equivilent, following assessment
  • Opportunity to explore Northern Ireland with cultural and historical fieldtrips
  • Opportunity to meet with Primary and Secondary schools
  • Opportunity to meet and question some of Northern Ireland's decision makers including key politicians and community leaders
  • A varied social programme including wemcome reception, social nights and 'Ceilidh' night - a night of traditional Irish music and dance

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The summer school is hosted by the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work (SSESW), an interdisciplinary school located in a unique society emerging from conflict with many distinct educational sectors. From faith schools to Irish language schools to religiously integrated schools to schools involved in the internationally renowned Shared Education Programme, the SSESW is at the heart of rigorous research conducted throughout our schools and those further afield which has informed policy and brought about systemic change in the local system and beyond. You will be taught by those who have led and developed the innovative research, change and transformation of the excellent education system we have today.

There will be exciting opportunities to hear first-hand accounts of researching and teaching in different educational contexts and working within other disciplines (justice, social work, social policy) and in partnership with key stakeholders to include Governments, charities and NGOs. Students are also given the opportunity to meet with some of Northern Ireland’s stakeholders and education partners, with excursions to informal educational settings to see our learning in practice.

Drawing on our experiences and research within Northern Ireland, the UK and from around the world, we will examine:

  • Northern Ireland and the local and global platform: including sessions on higher education, Northern Ireland culture and dealing with social and religious differences throughout our unique history and in current times.
  • Education through Evidence and Social Innovation: to include sessions on children’s services, early intervention and prevention, conducting RCTs and a range of rigorous educational research approaches.
  • UNESCO sessions: to include sessions on curriculum in divided and conflict-affected societies, engaging young people with controversial political issues, models for promoting intercultural education and maximising intergroup contact through schools in divided societies.
  • Education for all: to include sessions on epistemic justice and special needs education, inclusive education for children and young people with disabilities, mental health needs of children in care and the implications for schools, student voice and youth justice.
  • Education Studies and leadership in the 21st century: to include sessions on literacy, technology and society, higher order thinking skills, learning dispositions, theories of learning, assessment, the outdoor classroom and educational leadership.

Summer School Brochure 2019

Summer School Brochure 2019