Conference Programme


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Programme Outline


Thursday 4 April  
13.00  Registration                                Music Building (Foyer)
13.00 Sound Walks (departing from Jury’s Inn)  
16.00  Welcome Larmour Hall, Physics Building

Keynote Panel 

How has ethnomusicology confronted the challenge of the digital age?

  • Professor Carlos Sandroni (Federal University of Pernambuco)
  • Professor René Lysloff (University of California, Riverside)
  • Professor Jonathan Dueck (Duke University)
  • Dr Simon Waters (Queen’s University Belfast)


Harty Room

Opening Reception

Belfast City Hall 


9.00 Conference panels  
11.00 Tea/Coffee   
11.30 Conference panels  
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Conference panels  
16.00 Tea/Coffee  
16.30 Conference panels  
18.00 Dinner (see restaurant list)  
19.30 Concert Harty Room                                  


9.00 BFE AGM Harty Room
10.30 Tea/Coffee  
11.00  Conference panels  
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Conference panels  
16.00 Tea/Coffee  
16.30 Keynote address – Professor Leslie Gay, Jr. Peter Froggett Centre, Room G 007
18.00  CD Launch and Reception (with Irish Trad) McMordie Hall
19.00 Conference Dinner (followed by Irish Trad and Open mike) Madison's, Botanic Avenue


9.00  ICTM-IE AGM Harty Room
10.30  Tea/Coffee  
11.00 Conference panels  
13.00 Lunch  


Belfast Walking Tour


Victoria Square Belfast A FREE guided Belfast Walking Tour of the sectarian murals will be available for delegates. The tour will set off from Jury’s Inn Belfast on Thursday  4 April at 1.00pm, and conclude at the Music Building in time for the Keynote Panel.

Anyone wishing to Joint the tour must indicate this on their registration.