Special rates for accommodation will be offered to all ASSET2018 delegates through our online booking form once available.  

For more information please contact us at



Belfast International Airport, Belfast City Airport and Dublin Airport receive flights from Europe and from overseas. More information on travelling is available here



You will receive your name badge at the registration. The name badge must be worn at all times during the conference.



Belfast is a coastal city and benefits from a temperate climate, with a narrow range of temperatures, often windy conditions, and rainfall throughout the year. Weather in Belfast can be notoriously unpredictable and can change quickly. For up-to-date weather forecasts please visit BBC Weather



Northern Ireland uses Pound Sterling (£) as its currency. In hotels, restaurants, cafés and shops, credit and debit cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro etc.) are widely accepted.

In some cases Euro will also be accepted as payment, this will be indicated at shop and restaurant entrances. Pound Sterling can be obtained from Automated Bank Machines using your credit or debit cards as well as in many exchange offices, banks and post offices. For more information or to locate currency exchange centres in Belfast please contact us at



The power supply in the United Kingdom is 230/240 volts. Sockets accept only three-(square)-pin plugs, so an adapter is required for continental European and US appliances. A transformer is also needed for appliances operating on 110-120 volts


Entry into Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, which itself is a member of the European Union. Some delegates from particular countries may require a valid visa in order to gain entry to the United Kingdom and attend the conference. For more information regarding UK visas and entry requirements please visit the UK Border Agency website

The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland shared a Common Travel Area agreement and are not part of the European Schengen Area. EU/EEA citizens from outside the UK and Ireland are required to hold a valid passport in order to gain entry to the UK or Ireland.

For those visa nationals arriving at Dublin Airport you will be required to be in possession of both an Irish and UK visa to allow you to legally enter Ireland and cross the border into Northern Ireland. Please visit the UK border Agency and the Irish Naturalisation &  Immigration Service websites for more information.


Insurance and Liability

The participants are advised to arrange whatever insurance they consider necessary. The organisers cannot accept any liability for loss or damage of property, injuries, unexpected events, non-appearance of specific speakers or programme changes.


Internet connection

Free WiFi access for all conference participants will be available during the conference.



The official language of the conference will be English, no simultaneous translation will be provided.


Official letters of Invitation

Delegates requiring visas should request a visa invitation letter from the organisers at the time of registering for the event, ensuring sufficient time is left for applications to be completed. Delegates are then responsible for contacting the appropriate embassy or consulate themselves. The organisers can do nothing further to assist this process.

Should you require an official letter of invitation to obtain your visa to enter the United Kingdom or Ireland, please contact us at 

Please note that the Organisers do not undertake any obligation to pay any expenses incurred by supplying these letters. Furthermore, for some countries, a confirmation of registration with payment may be required by the authorities.


Passports and Visas

There is visa-free entry for citizens of EU/EEA countries as well as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States. If necessary, visas are issued by diplomatic missions of the United Kingdom in a given country. The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are not members of the Schengen travel area. Delegates from fellow EU/EEA countries will still require a passport to travel to the UK or Ireland.

Please contact your nearest British Embassy or Consulate for further information or visit the website of the UK border Agency.  To check if you require a UK visa please click here. It is not possible to obtain a visa at UK or Irish airports or seaports.



Belfast has been a smoke free city since 2006. It is against the law to smoke in bars, restaurants, cafés, hotels, offices, factories and other places of work. Your accommodation may allow smoking in bedrooms but it is important to check this with staff or risk a fine. Many bars, clubs and restaurants have installed outdoor smoking areas for those who choose to smoke. The Waterfront Hall operates a non-smoking policy and in some cases at building entrances.



If arriving at one of Belfast’s airports there will be a dedicated taxi collection rank. While in the city you have several options. More information can be found here


Telephone numbers

The international code for Northern Ireland is +4428. The local code for Belfast is 90. The number for emergency services is 999, this will connect you to the fire brigade, police, ambulance, lifeboat and mountain rescue services. Directory enquiries can be contacted on 118 500 or dial 0 from a public telephone for operator assistance.


Time difference

Northern Ireland operates on Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0) from late October to late March and British Summer Time from late March to late October (UTC+1)



Tipping is not expected in the United Kingdom in the way it is in the United States or Canada. In some restaurants, a service charge may be added to the bill, typically 10% or 12.5%. This should be noted on the menu, sometimes only for larger groups of 6 or more.

A tip of a few pounds is appropriate if you are satisfied with a service in a restaurant. If you do choose to provide it, its amount is usually 5-10% of the cost.

It is not necessary to tip at all in taxis, but it is customary to round up to the nearest pound on metered taxi journeys, more as a convenience to both passenger and driver than as a tip. However if the driver has assisted with your bags then a small tip of between 5-10% is appropriate.



Belfast is a small city and public transportation is easy and efficient, more information can be found here



More information about visas is available in the article about Official letters of Invitation and Passports and Visas.