Buildings studies too often fall between the gaps of the disciplines of architectural history, archaeology and social anthropology. The Buildings in Society International: History and Culture AD 500–1914 conference is a chance to create bridges across those gaps, to draw from all these approaches and examine how people created buildings and how people responded to them.

It will examine the historical contexts of building construction and the reactions to them in use. It will consider a diversity of structures, primarily from Britain and Ireland, set against other work in continental Europe, Scandinavia and America, including houses, public buildings, institutions, polite and vernacular architecture.

Speakers will address a broad range of time periods. The purpose of the conference is to find a disciplinary common ground for studies which place buildings in their social context, and consider not only the construction of buildings, but responses to them over time.

The first event in the series was organized by the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen's University Belfast in June 2014. The next conference in the series will be held in Sweden in 2016.