Business Meeting

Sunday, 4 July 2010, 9.30 am
McMordie Hall

The business meeting is an integral part of the International Biennial Conference on Baroque Music series with the following agenda:

  • Chairman’s report covering academic, organisational and financial issues
  • Feedback from delegates about the organisation and format of the event
  • Organising Committee’s response to any issues raised by the delegates
  • Presentation of bids to host the next conference followed by vote

It is therefore vital for the success of future conferences that as many delegates as possible are in attendance.

Host the next conference

The International Biennial Conference on Baroque Music is a major conference with the need for serious commitment of people’s time and effort to ensure its success. On the other hand, hosting the conference brings significant benefit to the hosting organisation, including wide publicity, recognition of the research base associated with the conference, the opportunity to network with international researchers.

If you are interested in hosting the 15th International Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, it is recommended that you obtain permission from your institution in advance of the business meeting. You will be invited to make a short presentation (not more than 10 minutes), using PowerPoint if desired. The following points may be of help in formulating your bid:

1.    Host country, city and institution

  • what makes your country/city/institution an attractive host for the next Baroque conference?
  • description of the host institution including the kinds of resources it might bring to an organising effort

2.    Accessibility of location for international delegates

  • transport links
  • nearest airport(s)
  • number and frequency of international flights
  • shuttle service/public transportation from the airport to the conference venue

3.    Conference facilities

  • site specification and capacity
  • technical support (PowerPoint/overhead projectors, sound systems, microphones)
  • website
  • catering

4.    Institutional support

  • staff expertise and commitment
  • administrative and logistical support available

5.    Financial planning

  • estimates for attendee costs (airfares from select capital cities, accommodation costs, etc.)
  • a rough estimate of the costs to the host institution and how they will be covered
  • potential sources of funding/sponsorship

6.    Accommodation

  • types of accommodation (student, residential, hotel)
  • availability in a variety of price ranges to accommodate those travelling on a limited budget
  • location relative to the conference venue and accessibility

7.    Potential for concerts and complementary events

8.    Any other relevant details

  • prior personal or institutional experience in hosting conferences or meetings of similar magnitude
  • Potential theme(s) and keynote speakers

The decision made at the business meeting will be announced on the website of the 14th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music.

If you intend to make a presentation at the business meeting, please email your initial ‘expression of interest’ to the Organising Committee at, specifying any technical requirements, by 14 June 2010.