Delegates' Concert

Inspired by some impromptu performances during sessions at the 13th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music which took place in Leeds, we came up with the idea for a concert that would marry cutting edge research in both musicology and performance practice, thus reflecting the spirit of the conference. To this aim, we invited scholars and performers taking part in the conference to submit proposals for potential programmes to be considered for our Delegates’ Concert. We were particularly keen to include proposals featuring newly discovered compositions or works whose perception may have been changed by recent scholarly debate. The deadline for proposals has now passed and we are pleased to have received a number of very attractive high-quality proposals, which has enabled us to put together a diverse and exciting programme.

The Delegates' Concert will be held on the evening of Saturday, 3 July 2010.
An additional lunchtime concert will take place on Friday, 2 July 2010.

'Come & Sing': Thomas Tallis’ Spem in Alium

...from the balcony of the Old McMordie Hall

Wednesday, 30 June 2010, evening (followed by a welcome reception)

Spem in Alium at a Baroque conference?

Indeed! As a prelude to the conference proper, delegates are invited to join in a special ‘Come & Sing’ performance of Thomas Tallis’ Renaissance masterpiece.

The reception of this forty-part work during the Baroque is not entirely clear. At any rate, Charles Burney was aware of its existence in 1771, when he described it, in somewhat derogatory terms, as ‘a long and laboured Fugue, recte et retro in 40 parts, may be a good entertainment for the Eyes of a Critic, but can never delight the Ears of a Man of Taste’, expressing contentment at C.P.E. Bach’s departure from ‘the trammels of Fugues & crowded parts in which his Father so excelled.

Do join us for this fun ice-breaker. Who knows, we may even prove Dr Burney wrong!

Concert Venues

Harty Room
Harty Room, QUB – School of Music and Sonic Arts

Lunchtime concert, Friday 2 July 2010
Harty Room

With a splendid hammer-beam vaulted roof and warm acoustic, the Harty Room (seating 120) is situated within the Music building where the regular lunchtime recitals and evening concerts take place.

St Thomas' Church
St Thomas' Church, Eglantine Avenue, Belfast

Evening concert, Saturday 3 July 2010
St Thomas' Church, Belfast

Built in 1870, the church is one of the finest examples of High Victorian Gothic architecture in Ulster. It underwent extensive restoration and re-ordering in 2007-2008. Photographs of the church’s exterior and interior, as well as the organ specification can be found here.

McMordie Hall
McMordie Hall, QUB - School of Music and Sonic Arts

'Come & Sing', Wednesday, 30 June 2010
McMordie Hall

More than fifty years ago, when this building was occupied by the Student Union, the McMordie Hall was their debating chamber. Today, this spacious room with colourful light beaming through its beautiful stained-glass window is one of two main lecturing spaces within the School of Music building. It also houses many of our early keyboard instruments, three small ones on the balcony and the heavier ones on the ground floor.


St Thomas' Organ

Pipe organ (Saturday concert only)

Built by William Hill & Son of London in 1906, the organ dominates the south east corner of the interior. It incorporates parts of the smaller two-manual organ designed for St Thomas' by the same firm in 1875. The choir organ and console are situated behind the choir stalls, while the great organ terminates the south aisle. The instrument is one of very few to have survived in its original condition. A detailed organ specification can be found here.
Flemish single-manual harpsichord

Flemish single-manual harpsichord

Made by Michael Johnson in 2008, based on Andreas Ruckers 1637. The registration is 2 x 8ft plus 4ft choir with a buff stop to the long 8ft choir. The keyboard is transposable in both directions to give a=392 and 440 from a working compass of GG - d3 at A=415.

Flemish single-manual harpsichord

French double-manual harpsichords

A copy of a mid-eighteenth-century French harpsichord built in 1979 from a Zuckermann kit, modelled on the instruments by Pascal Taskin.
Keyboard compass: FF-f3; lower manual 8' + 4', upper manual 8' + buff-stop; 1/2 tone transposition shift, coupler.

Flemish single-manual harpsichord

Built by Eckehart Merzdorf in 1999, modelled after Vincent Tibaut, Toulouse 1684. Keyboard compass GG/AA - d³; lower manual 8' + 4'; upper manual 8' + buff-stop; 1/2 tone transposition shift, push-pull coupler.

Chamber organ

Baroque chamber organ

made by Henk Klop in 2006.
Keyboard compass: C-f3; Stops: 8', 4' and 2'
with a split keyboard.


18th-century Viennese fortepiano

A 5-octave grand piano by Poletti & Tuinman from 1995, after a model by Anton Walter from 1795.

A chest of viols can be made available on request.

Chest of viols