25 June 2010

We have added two new sections to this website. Participants' Information contains important information about the conference venue, facilities, and useful contact numbers, while in Local Information you can read about banking, post offices, where to eat, drink, shop, etc.

18 June 2010

Information on checking into Queen's Elms is now available in the General Information section. We will be adding more content to it as we approach the start of the conference. Planned updates include maps, local weather, and how to obtain a visitor's pass for the QUB library (in case you need to access printing and photocopying facilities, which are not available at the conference venue). Also, if you have questions that you have not been able to find answers to on our website, please email us.

13 June 2010

From Monday, 14 June 2010, midnight (BST), online registration will no longer be available. If you still wish to register for the event, or add options to your existing registration, such as accommodation, dinner, Giant’s Causeway trip, pub night, etc., please do so before the close of the registration process.

29 May 2010

A reminder for those who have not yet registered for the conference! On Monday, 31 May 2010 at 4pm (BST), the system will automatically remove the standard early-bird rate (£135) as well the concession rates (£100). From this point onwards only the late registration fee (£160) will be available. Online registration closes on 14 June 2010. We would like to remind delegates of our cancellation policy, which may be found in the Registration section. Delegates will also have had the opportunity to read it at the Order Confirmation stage of the online registration process.

*    *    *

Accommodation. We have reserved a large number of rooms at the Queen's Elms Halls of Residence so that all delegates who wish to stay there could be accommodated. In order to avoid cancellation charges, we will be cancelling the surplus rooms after 4pm on Monday, 31 May 2010. While it may still be possible to book university accommodation after this date, we can no longer guarrantee the availability of rooms. We therefore advise delegates who wish to stay in university accommodation to make their bookings by this deadline. The location of the Halls in relation to the conference venue (QUB, School of Music) and other accommodation has been plotted on the map in the Accommodation section.

*    *    *

Regarding the possibility of volcanic ash interruptions, we have raised the issue with University authorities. An update will be circulated to delegates and included in this section as soon as we have received more information.

27 May 2010

We have provided some guidance on IT and sound equipment in the General Information section. More information of this nature will be included in this section over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please email us.

16 May 2010

Information about the Conference Dinner (Friday, 2 July 2010), including the menu, can now be accessed via the corresponding link in the Conference Programme section.

30 April 2010

A list of delegates has been added to the Conference Programme section. The list will be periodically updated to include newly registered delegates.

25 April 2010

We are delighted to have received support from the Royal Musical Association (RMA) and hereby wish to acknowledge their contribution.

RMA members may now register for the event at a discounted rate (go to Registration).

The conference poster has been updated accordingly.

19 April 2010

An important note on registration. If you have already registered and wish to add other options to your registration after the payment has been processed, you can do so by logging back into the account you have previously created (with the same username and password):

  • On the welcome screen choose the option 'log yourself in' and use the 'Returning Customer' window on the right-hand side of the following screen.
  • Please do not create a new account as this means you will be registered as two persons, which will result in inaccuracies in our records.

19 April 2010

We wish to thank the following institutions which have to date contributed to the organisation of the 14th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music:
Bach Network UK, Bach-Archiv Leipzig, Society for Musicology in Ireland.

We have updated the website and conference poster to acknowledge their support.

*   *   *

According to the latest information received from the RMA, the outcome of the negotiations on the discounted fee to RMA members should be known by the beginning of next week (26 April 2010). Delegates who wish to avail of this particular concession are asked to defer registration until then.

15 April 2010

Check out the new section with details about the Business Meeting and call for bids to host the next conference.

*   *   *

The return from the Giant's Causeway Tour has been moved 30 minutes forward to enable delegates wishing to catch the evening flights to London to do so (Ryanair to Stansted 20:10; Easyjet to Luton 20:35; Easyjet to Gatwick 21:45). For more information on flights to and from Belfast, we recommend

13 April 2010

'Come & Sing': Thomas Tallis’ Spem in Alium, on the evening of Wednesday, 30 June 2010.
In case you are wondering: Spem in Alium at a Baroque conference?, find out more in the Concerts section.

12 April 2010

A detailed conference timetable and programme of abstracts are now available for download.

Delegates who have not yet submitted their revised abstracts may do so by emailing us at . The online draft will occasionally be updated to include newly submitted revisions. After 24 May 2010, abstracts will undergo final editing for publication in the Conference Programme Book. No revisions will be accepted after this date.

Click here to download the conference timetable.
Click here to download the draft programme of abstracts.
Both documents can be found in the Conference Programme section.

6 April 2010

We have updated the Conference Programme. A detailed conference timetable will be available on 12 April 2010.

In order to finalise the programme, we urge delegates whose abstracts have been accepted, but who have not yet confirmed their attendance, to do so by emailing us at .

4 April 2010

Delegates’ Concert section updated with information on concert venues and instruments.

2 April 2010

The Organising Committee has completed its consideration of bursary applications and has communicated the outcome to applicants. Faced with difficult decisions in the allocation of bursary funds due to the high number of applications and very limited funds received through donations, the Committee gave highest priority to those applicants who demonstrated that no other means of funding could be made available to them, who were living and studying in countries outside the EU or of lesser economic wealth, and whose proposals were rated most highly by the Scientific Committee, amongst other criteria. The remaining funds were distributed evenly between all eligible applicants.

*   *   *

New information on our planned social activities is now available in the Social Activities section.

1 April 2010

Online registration now available. Registration facillities will also be available on-site at the conference venue. Early bird registration closes 31 May 2010 at 4pm (BST).
Online registration closes 14 June 2010.

20 March 2010

The bursary application process is now closed. Due to an unexpectedly large number of applications, any donation towards the bursary scheme is welcome. For further details, please go to Friends, Patrons, Benefactors.

15 March 2010

The Organising Committee has assessed a number of very attractive high-quality proposals for the Delegates' Concert. The concert will feature a number of delegates, and those who have been invited to take part will be contacted by the artistic director regarding the finer details of the programming.

*   *   *

In view of the large number of bursary applications received and very limited funds available, we have invited those in the position to support the event with a small contribution towards the bursary scheme to become friends, patrons or benefactors.

*   *   *

An update on university accommodation: although there are no double rooms at Elms Village, delegates who are travelling with spouses can be accommodated in adjacent rooms upon request.

7 March 2010

Great news regarding campus accommodation! A significant reduction in rates for B&B accommodation for conference delegates. For details, please visit the Accommodation section of this website.

15 February 2010

An e-mail has been sent this morning to all those who submitted their proposals, informing them that we are currently processing the Scientific Committee's decision which should reach your mailbox in the next 48 hours or so. If you do not hear from us by Friday 19 February, please contact us again.

18 January 2010

The Call for Papers has now been closed. If you have submitted your proposal but have not yet received a confirmation of receipt, please contact the Organising Committee immediately. The selection process begins this week, and the outcome will be communicated by email within a month.

8 January 2010

Invitation to scholars and performers taking part in the conference to submit proposals for potential programmes for the Concerts.

*   *   *

Conference poster available for download: high resolution (6.4 Mb) / low resolution (1.3 Mb). Please display it at your institution to help promote the event.

6 January 2010

The Organising Committee is offering a limited number of bursaries for young scholars and retired academics. For detailed information and an application form go to Bursaries.

3 January 2010

Information on passport/visa requirements and insurance has been added under the section General Information.

*   *   *

In the Accommodation section, we have included information on hostels.

29 December 2009

We wish to remind potential applicants that the deadline for the submission of proposals - 15 January 2010 - is fast approaching. Email reminder to follow.

24 December 2009

Conference cost information added to the Home Page.
Registration section with further details will be made available soon.

24 November 2009

Accommodation information added.

18 November 2009

Invitation to become a Friend, Patron or Benefactor of the Conference.

4 November 2009

We have posted some information on travelling to Belfast.

19 October 2009

Preliminary Conference Programme.

13 October 2008

Call for Papers announcement.