Cities of Memory

Cities of Memories

Performing and Media Arts in the Post-Conflict City

Colloquium Programme

All lectures, seminars and screenings are free and open to the public All events take place in QUB’s Drama & Film Centre (DCF), 20 University Square

Thursday 4th April

10am: Welcome/Introductions: DFC, 20 University Sq., Screen 2 Professor Tony Gallagher (Pro-Vice Chancellor, QUB)

Professor Michael Alcorn (Head of School, Creative Arts, QUB) 10:30-11:30: Lecture (Screen 2)

A Serious Image Problem: Photography and Post-Conflict Belfast

Dr. Colin Graham (NUI, Maynooth) 11:30-11:45: Break

11:45-13:15: Parallel Panels 1.Framing Photographies (Screen 2): Chair: Dr. Des O’Rawe

Dr. Miriam Paeslack (SUNY): ‘Berlin – History – Photography’ Daniel Jewesbury and Robert Porter (UU): ‘Images of the Post-Conflict City: Belfast

through Situationist Spectacles’ Emma Grey (Aberdeen): ‘It will bury its past, it will paper over the cracks: John Duncan’s

Trees From Germany’ 2.Performance Politics (Brian Friel Theatre): Chair: Dr. Aoife McGrath

Merita Zekovic (QUB): ‘A Home of Memories: Belfast/Sarajevo’ Declan Keeney (QUB): ‘Can Fictions Tell the Truth? Reflections on We Are Not Afraid

David Grant (QUB): ‘Unknown Knowns: Kinaesthetic Empathy in the Making and Understanding of Image Theatre’

13:15-14:15 Lunch 14:15-15:15: Lecture (Screen 2)

Li Beirut: Imagining the City Between Nostalgia and Horror

Dr. Sune Haugbølle (Roskilde Universitet) 115:15-15:30: Break 15:30-17:00: Parallel Panels


• •


• •

Memorials and Archives (Brian Friel Theatre): Chair: Dr. Mark Phelan

Professor Cahal McLaughlin (Queen’s): “Prison Memory Archives” Helen Rawling (Queen Mary): “The Book of Life: Art and Memory in Post-Genocide Rwanda” Katarzyna Puzon (Polish Academy of Sciences): “Memory and Arts in Postwar Urban Setting of Beirut.”

Conflicting Reactions (Screen 2): Chair: Professor Jane Taylor

Dr. Zoran Poposki and Dr. Marijia Todorova (Hong Kong): “Resisting Ethnicity: Disintegration Through Civic Art in Skopje” Erk Ehn (Brown University): “Performance and the Poetics of the Unspeakable Dr. Lejlia Panjeta (University of Sarajevo): ‘Propaganda and Film: Fiction as Reality in War/Post-War Bosnia’

17:00-17:15: Break 17:15-18:15: Lecture (Brian Friel Theatre)

Paradoxes and Parapraxes: On the Limits of Cinematic Representation in Post-Conflict Cities

Professor Thomas Elsaesser (Columbia University/Amsterdam) 18:15 – 18:45: Reception (Foyer, DFC)

18:45-20:45: Colloquium Dinner

21:00—22:30: Colloquium Cultural Event (Brian Friel Theatre) Live Performance: The End of War Show with Joby Fox

Friday 5th April 10-11: Lecture (Brian Friel Theatre)

Inner Cities: The Landscapes of Memory in William Kentridge’s Johannesburg Professor Jane Taylor (Leeds University)


11-11:15: Break 11:15-12: 45: Parallel Panels

1.Screening the Past (Screen 2): Chair: Dr. Des O’Rawe

Professor Rod Stoneman (NUI, Galway): 'Helicopter Sequences: Space, Power and Conflict'

Dr. Paula Blair (Aberdeen): “Panopticonicity: Sites of Control in Willie Doherty’s Video Installations”.

Elena Caoduro (Southhampton): “Reconciliation without Justice: Milan and the Memory of the Piazza Fontana Massacre.”

2. Theatres of Post-Conflict (Brian Friel Theatre): Professor Brian Singleton

• •

Dr. Silvija Jestrovic (Warwick): ‘Sarajevo: Anthropomorphic City’ Jana Dolecki (University Vienna): ‘Theatre in Post-Conflict Dialogue Between Serbia and Croatia: Change or Exchange?’ Dr. Melijia Gluovic (Warwick): ‘Sarajevo Theatre Tragedy: Trauma, Nostalgia, Loss’

12:45-13:15: Lunch 13:15-14: 45: Performing Histories (Screen 2): Professor Hastings Donnan

• • •

Dr. Nerea Arutti (Aberdeen): "The War is Over": Performance and Art After Conflict” Dr. Mark Phelan: (Queen’s): “Lost Lives: Performance and Remembrance” Dr. Paul Devlin (UU): “Derry/Londonderry: City of Culture/Memory”

15:00-15:30 Closing Plenary Round-Table: Chair: Professor Hastings Donnan Professor Jane Taylor, Professor Thomas Elsaesser, Dr Colin Graham, Dr. Leija Panjeta,