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Professor Jane Taylor

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Professor Jane Taylor :

“Owning Up: Confession and Dispossession in a Theory of Performance


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For the past several decades, Jane Taylor has been involved in cultural critique and public scholarship as well as creative writing. In 1987 she and David Bunn co-editedFrom South Africa (TriQuarterly Magazine; and U of Chicago Press). In 1996 she designed and curated “FAULT LINES”, a series of cultural responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that followed the end of Apartheid in South Africa.

As part of this program she wrote the playtext, Ubu and the Truth Commission, for South African artist/director William Kentridge and the Handspring Puppet Company.  In 2000 she wrote the libretto for a new opera for Kentridge, The Confessions of Zeno, a work that was performed at the Lincoln Centre in New York as well as at the MCA in Chicago.  She has two published novels, Of Wild Dogs (which won the prestigious Olive Schreiner Prize for new fiction in South Africa) and The Transplant Men (a work of fiction that is grounded in the first heart transplant, an event that took place in South Africa. In 2009 she edited Handspring Puppet Company, a substantial study of the celebrated performance company from South Africa. She is currently of the Board of Advisors for Dokumenta 2012.

Jane is currently writing a book on the artist William Kentridge, as well as a scholarly work on the history and theory of Sincerity in the early modern era in the West. She has also been commissioned by Renaissance Scholar Stephen Greenblatt to write a version of the so-called ‘missing Shakespeare play’, Cardenio.

Listen to the keynote Lecture by Prof Jane Taylor from the recent Connecting Voices conference at the Brian Friel Theatre at Queen’s University Belfast


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