Green Awards 2015

Over the past five years Environmental Champions across the University have been working together to make a positive impact on the environment and encourage their colleagues to do the same.

On Wednesday 27 May, we celebrated the environmental achievements of over 70 Green Impact teams who this year have implemented more than 3,450 environmental actions.  The University Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, James O’Kane presented representatives from each team with their Green Impact Award. 

A full list of the winners are available here  

We have put together a short video showcasing all the achievements of staff this year. To view the video please click here

 Bronze Award 

Bronze CCRCB BRONZE Centre for Medical Education BRONZE Dean's Office

Centre for Cancer Research

& Cell Biology (CCRCB) 

Centre for Medical


Faculty Engineering

& Physical Science-Dean's Office

BRONZE Psychology  BRONZE occupation H and S  BRONZE School of Mech Eng

School of



Health & Safety 

 School of Mechanical &

Aerospace Engineering 


Staff Training &

Development Unit

Centre for Infection & Immunity 


 Silver & Catering Award 

SILVER Centre for Experiemental Medicine SILVER EEECS SILVER SPACE

Centre for Experimental Medicine

School of Electronics,

Electrical Engineering &

Computer Science

School of Planning,

Architecture & Civil Engineering

- Admin Team

SILVER Maths GOLD Catering Riddel Hall  

School of Mathematics

& Physics

Hospitality Services- Riddel Hall

- Also achieved a Gold Catering Award


 Gold Award 

GOLD Accomodation and Hospitality GOLD CCRCB Med Chem GOLD Centre for Biomedical Science Education

Accommodation &


 Centre for Cancer Research

& Cell Biology

Medicinal Chemistry

 Centre for Biomedical

Science Education

GOLD DARO Gold Estates GOLD Personnel

 Development &

Alumni Relations office





GOLD Registrar's Office GOLD Research and Enterprise GOLD School of Biological Sciences



 Research & Enterprise


 School of Biological Science- 

Teaching Labs

GOLD School of Education GOLD School of English  

 School of


 School of



Platinum Award Winners & Green Impact Excellence

PLATINUM- McClay Library PLATINUM- School of Pharmacy chem gold and SA

McClay Library

Information Directorate 

School of Pharmacy

- Also achieved 2 Gold Labs Awards,

4 Bronze & 2 Bronze Labs Awards

School of Chemistry & Chemical

Engineering- Also achieved 

30 Gold Labs & Bronze Award 


 Special Awards 

Speical Award for Community Action- DARO Speical Award for Environmental Improvement - CCRCB Speical Award for innovation for egagement- McClay

Community Action


Environmental Improvement


Innovation for Engagement

McClay Library

Speical Award for - Environmental Champion of the Year- Sally Bridge UG Student of the Year- Joesph  postgrad student of the year 2015

Environmental Champion of the Year

Sally Bridge

McClay Library

Undergraduate Student

of the Year

Joseph Murray 

 Postgraduate Student 

of the Year

Kathryn Hillen