Green Challenge 2015-16

Green Challenge aims to encourage students to submit innovative ideas to promote environmental awareness and foster positive behavioural change across the University. The projects further reinforce Queen’s vision 2020, by incorporating the student body into environmental initiatives. Six successful applications received funding up to £500 in the 2015-16 academic year.

Green at Queen’s Reusable Coffee Cup 

Engineering students produced and distributed a branded Green at Queen's/ Engineers Without Borders Belfast/ Krem reusable coffee cup. With the intention to reduce the number of paper cups wasted across the University. The team developed the cups physical appearance making it much more attractive and modern. Additionally they negotiated with wholesalers for the best price per unit and created a new marketing strategy to further the uptake of the cups. 

Student Garden and Allotment Elms Village

Elms Village own two raised beds which required a group to take ownership of and manage upkeep. The project aimed to make a permanent allotment area which would provide students with fresh produce and herbs. The group first cleared the allotment area, and tilled the soil within the beds. After this was completed the group began to plant different vegetables and also planted a herb pot. Eco the environmental mascot of Elms Village also made an appearance to encourage the students during the event. There is potential for another harvest event when the produce is grown, which will welcome the students back to see the value of planting and tending to the allotment. 

Raising Awareness for 1st Year PhD Students

This project aimed to design and create a lab book insert for 1st year PhD students to inform them of ways to reduce their carbon impact in the Lab and throughout the University. The booklet insert includes topics such as recycling, reducing waste, energy saving tips, sustainable travel and equipment efficiency tips. The insert was further developed so that it could be incorporated into other lab books not solely Chemistry and Chemical engineering. The insert will be bound into the standard Lab Safety book which every Laboratory PhD student is given in the new academic year. 

Climate and Sustainability – Our Future Mapped Out 

Students from the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology created a series of web maps on an interactive web platform to showcase Queen's sustainable practices and the future of our climate. It was an opportunity to present staff, students and the public with an abundance of freely available climate datasets for assessing climate change, and to illustrate the data in a meaningful way.  You can view the maps here.

Carbon Management at Work and at Home: 20 Tips to Reduce your Carbon Impact


PhD students from Chemistry and Chemical Engineering took part in the project to create and produce a video which will convey to viewers how they can reduce carbon impact at home, in the lab and at work. The topics covered include energy, waste, travel, water conservation and food. The video encompasses students and staff, at home and at work demonstrating the best carbon saving tips. Additionally the video features the Minister of the Environment at the time, Mark H. Durkan. The video also features two songs to reinforce the carbon saving message, a more traditional song and an up-to-date rap appealing to all ages.

The Parabola Project – World Climate Change Game Simulation

Students took on various roles including journalists, fossil fuel lobbyists, environmental NGOs, and representatives for developed and developing nations. Through the negotiations delegates from each nation made offers to reduce their carbon emissions. The commitments were then entered into software which would determine whether the temperature of 2 degrees Celsius (pre-industrial level) could be achieved. The goal was not achieved despite a huge leap in commitments by all the delegates.