What is an Environmental Champion?

What does being an Environmental Champion mean?

Being an Environmental Champion means being an advocate for good environmental practices within the University; and being passionate, interested and willing to learn about the environmental issues which are impacting at a local, national and global level. 

The Champions are part of a network of volunteers who have a keen interest in doing their bit to reduce the environmental impact of the University.

What do they do?

  • Be a point of first contact for staff on environmental issues
  • Make staff in each area aware of University environmental initiatives
  • Work with other champions to promote good environmental practice
  • Identify and suggest opportunities for environmental improvement in their area and the wider University
  • Participate in walkabouts with fellow champions and other members of staff to identify environmental improvement opportunities
  • Provide feedback from staff to the carbon management team on environmental initiatives/opportunities
  • Provide feedback to other staff, managers and the carbon management team on progress in implementing environmental improvements in individual Schools/Directorates
  • Liaise with other champions across the range of Schools/Directorates.


What support/resources do they receive?

  • Starter Pack, to include contact details of other champions as well as information to be posted on newly introduced Environmental Notice Boards in each School/Directorate
  • Calendar of events, to be made available to each network teams each month, suggesting initiatives that could be run within their School/Directorate
  • Access to a dedicated email group, to be established to communicate information to champions on, for example, the environmental performance of their School/Directorate, upcoming events, tips and guidance etc.
  • Access to a central dedicated intranet site, to include an online forum where champions can exchange ideas, experiences etc. This could run in parallel with School/Directorate specific initiatives, managed by champions on their local web page. 
  • Membership (one per School/Directorate) of a newly established Environmental Forum, which will meet at the beginning of each semester to discuss the programmes/actions for the months ahead and to share experiences 
  • Opportunity to participate in an Environmental Awards Scheme, to be established to reward and celebrate the work being undertaken by champions.