Our targets

21% by 2020

The University's Carbon Management Plan has identified an ambitious 34 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 against a 1990 base year. This equates to a 21 per cent reduction against the 2008 figures – so that’s a new emissions target of 22,460 tonnes.

The target will be reviewed and adjusted in light of experience, emerging technology or changes in legislation.

How are we going to do it?
If we are to meet our targets, we need the help of the whole organisation, rather than focusing on a strictly technical approach to carbon saving. The Carbon Management Plan identifies six strategic initiatives, supported by a range of projects, to achieve our target. They are:


Target Savings % 

Target Savings Tonnes Co2/yr 

Procurement   Enabling   Enabling
Green ICT   2.0  569
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Measures           12.80  3,639
Waste Minimisation  0.16  45
Travel and Transport  0.04  11
Change Management (Communications) 6.00 1,706
Total 21.00 5,970

What will happen if we meet our targets?
Meeting our carbon reduction targets will have a positive impact on the environment and the University:

  • It will limit the effects of global warming which could result in less extreme weather events (floods, storms, droughts), threatening life, property and agriculture. 
  • It will make the University more attractive to prospective students and business partners who evaluate (in different ways) the environmental performance of organisations when deciding which institution to use as a place of study or to do business with.
  • In Higher Education, the UK Funding Councils are now developing a much stronger policy commitment to environmental sustainability and, most critically, are linking funding to the achievement of sound environmental ratings.