Green Impact

Schools and Directorates across the University are taking part in this year's Green Impact Scheme. 

About the Scheme
Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme with an awards element designed for university departments. University staff take part each academic year and, depending on the number of environmental actions they carry out, can achieve either: ‘working towards accreditation’, or a ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ award for making their workplaces greener. The scheme is currently delivered and supported by the National Union of Students (NUS).  

The scheme will build on the University’s Environmental Champion Scheme.

Aims and Outcomes
The scheme aims to empower individuals and departments to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging, rewarding and celebrating practical environmental improvements.

How does the Scheme work?
Green Teams complete an online workbook which comprises practical and easy to implement, and no or low cost, actions. Teams will get support in completing their workbooks through: workshops, email, telephone support and provision of resources to help implement actions within their areas.

Once the workbook is completed, points will be awarded for each task undertaken and implemented. The completed workbooks will be processed by NUS and based on the number of tasks completed an accreditation standard (Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.) will be provisionally awarded to each Team.

An audit team, made up of volunteer student and staff auditors, will be recruited to check that the workbooks accurately reflect the actions completed during the project.

Recruitment of volunteer auditors will be undertaken through the participating Schools and through the Students’ Union. The audit team will verify a selection of submitted workbooks.  The auditing activities and training will be recognisable under the University’s Degree-Plus programme.

Who can get involved?
Any School or Directorate at Queen’s can get involved in the Scheme. Whole departments can take part or smaller teams within areas. For example, your office or laboratory can take part.

The scheme is not aimed at any one type of post-holder – any member of staff or student can lead on behalf of their department and the more people you can get on board, the easier it will be.

How do I complete the workbook?

To register your team and complete your workbook, click on

For returning teams: if an action from the 2016/17 workbook has been repeated in the 2017/18 workbook, you are able to transfer the comments and evidence from the 2016/17 action into the 2017/18 workbook. Please see this Green Impact Reference Guide for a reference sheet showing you what actions you can transfer into this year's workbook. 

Student Volunteering Opportunities

Green Impact Project Assistants

Each year the Queen’s Environmental Team recruit a network of student volunteers to become Green Impact Assistants. The role asks students to assist with environmental actions and initiatives around the University estate. This volunteering has many benefits for students, including environmental training, project management, teamwork skills, communication skills, plus various other advantages.

If you would like to apply to be a Green Impact Assistant please read and fill out the Green Impact Project Assistant application form by Friday 20 of October 2017 by clicking here. There will be an introductory workshop held for Green Impact Assistants on Wednesday 25 October.

For further information about the programme, including what events and initiatives you can get involved in as an assistant and the benefits of joining, please contact  


Green Impact Auditors 

All departments participating in Green Impact will need an audit to verify their level of achievement. Each year the Environmental Team at Queen's recruit and train a group of student auditors to help us verify the Green Impact Workbooks. As a volunteer auditor you will have the opportunity to develop your professional skills in communication, project and time management, motivation and enthusiasm. Volunteer hours for Green Impact Audits can be used towards a Degree Plus application. 

This years Audit training sessions will take place on the mornings of Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March, with the Green Impact audits being conducted the same afternoon.

Please note that student auditors will only be required to attend one of these training days.

If you are interested in becoming a student auditor please complete and return the Green Impact Auditor application form before Friday 2rd March. 

Contact Information
To find out more about the Green Impact Scheme at Queen’s, or if you would like to get involved, please email