Green Awards 2018 - Special Awards

We would love to hear about the people and projects that you have been doing to be more Green at Queen's! green impact logo 2014

This year we are seeking nominations for the following special awards: 

1. Environmental Champion

Tell us who is the exceptional person within your or another department (including yourself!), who has really become your environmental hero!

The person you nominate may have helped staff in your department realise the importance of taking action on climate change or get more people recycling, inspired people to get involved through their enthusiasm, or be very good at their environmental role.

2. Innovation for Engagement

Green Impact wants to award real innovation in engaging staff and students in Green Impact and sustainability at Queen’s. The more people we can actively engage, the bigger positive impact we can all have.

We want to hear from YOU on what truly innovative ideas you have used to get other people involved to help us reach that goal.

3. Environmental Improvement (Open to all Staff Members University Wide) 

This category is open to all Queens’ Staff.

We want to know about the innovative environmental improvement or initiative you have put in place to make a real impact in your department, team or across the organisation. What have you done that is above and beyond the normal workbook criteria? What impacts have you seen?

Your ideas do not necessarily need to be no or low cost - the award will be based on most practicable idea with the greatest savings or positive environmental impacts.

4. Community Action

Tell us about how your team or department has lead, developed or participated in innovative community action throughout your Green Impact year.

Who have you worked with? What action did you take? What positive impacts has it had?

5. Student Volunteer of the year

We want to hear about an exceptional student within your team or department (or yourself if you are a student!) who has been leading change within and beyond their/your Green Impact team or role.


How to make a nomination:

In no more than 300 words tell us why the person/project should get the awards and email it to by Friday 18 May. 

The Prize:

The winner will receive a special commendation at the Queen’s Green Awards, and will be entered into the national Green Impact level competition.